Dec 19, 2023

Best Electric Blanket Australia: Options For Every Price Point

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Electric blankets are covers with electric heating inside that, when turned on with an easy-to-use, attached remote, will heat up your whole bed. The idea is that an electric blanket will make it warm and toasty for you and, therefore, more appealing to climb in, but then it will likely need to be switched off as it has the potential to overheat.

When shopping for an electric blanket, there are a few factors to consider. You want it to be affordable, of course, because who doesn't want to save money? You want it to be efficient, so it easily heats up but doesn't make your electricity bill cost a fortune. And you want it to be thick so you can't feel the heating elements inside the blanket.

That's only the start, too. Electric blankets can have programmable settings, which you can pre-set, removable controls so you can easily wash them and a wool-pile cover that’ll give you that extra comfort. Finally, you want the blanket to be safe to use and to last a while.

So, with all those factors in mind, what are some of the best electric blankets on the market these days? Ahead, we round up five some of them.

This electric blanket consumes little energy and comes with overheating protection and two detachable controllers. It's also easy to wash – you simply detach the cord and controls from the blanket before washing.

This electric blanket can be controlled from your smartphone. Not only that, but it has different zones, too, so you can heat up your top or bottom half more or less than the rest of your body. The blanket has six temperature settings and a timer.

This electric blanket runs on the cheaper end but still delivers. It's made from pineapple-grain flannel and has a heating system that works quickly. Finally, it's machine washable, too, so you can easily clean it.

For a thin electric blanket option, look no further than this option. The fabric is antibacterial, so it’ll fight off mould and bacteria. The blanket has nine temperature settings and takes 10 minutes to heat up. It's also machine washable.

This cotton quilted blanket has three temperature settings and is topped with an anti-allergy polyester filling. The blanket also comes with a fully fitted skirt.

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Dreamaker Sherpa Fleece Heated Electric Under Blanket, $109.95 for queen Ruianbao Washable Electric Blanket, $45.99 for single Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Anti-Bacterial Electric Blanket, $94 Heritage Cotton Quilted Electric Blanket, $109-95 – $179.95 Related: Related: Read more stories from The Latch and subscribe to our email newsletter.