Jan 01, 2024

Cell phone video captures moments after alleged hit and run in Cape Coral

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A bizarre hit-and-run was caught on a cell phone camera, showing what one person says is the other driver covering up their license plate before the person recording said they left the scene of the accident.

On Wednesday, May 24th, the driver recording that video is Isabella Cruz, who said she was turning right onto Veterans Memorial Parkway from Santa Barbara Boulevard in Cape Coral when she said the driver, involved, changed lanes and hit her back, driver-side bumper.

Isabella Cruz told Fox 4 that she felt everything seemed to be going smoothly with the other driver, saying both vehicles pulled over after the accident.

It was when Cruz got into her car to grab her cell phone, she said, to take a picture of the other driver's license plate, was when things changed.

"As soon as I got my phone she started opening her trunk and grabbed a blanket or a towel out of her trunk and started covering her license plate," said Cruz.

It is that exact moment Cruz said she captured on her cell phone.

"I was like if I don't have her license plate at least let me get a video of her covering it and type of car because I didn't know what car she was in," said Cruz.

The damage, seen, according to Cruz was a single dent seen on the back of her bumper.

Damage that Cruz said still allows her to drive her car to high school and to her job which she said paid for her vehicle.

"I quit soccer — a sport that I played for 10 years just to start making money and most students get their first car as soon as they are 16 — they don't have to pay insurance. Every month I pay $500," said Cruz.

Cruz told Fox 4, she spoke with the driver for several minutes before she said the driver eventually chose to drive off.

Cruz said Cape Coral Police Department arrived on the scene where Cruz filed a police report.

Fox 4 asked the Cape Coral Police Department if a suspect had been contacted, and they said "If the suspect is located they could be facing hit and run charges and be taken to jail on a misdemeanor."

This is a developing story, check back for updates.