Oct 04, 2023

Sun or Storm: Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket Review » Explorersweb

Living in Portland, a go-to blanket is a must-have. Whether you’re at an afternoon park hangout, a picnic, or camping in the Mt. Hood National Forest, a durable and versatile camping blanket comes in handy. Water resistance, size, and comfort play a part in your blanket's performance.

The Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket provides comfort, durability, is waterproof, and performs well in various environments. Even if you aren't a Portlander, this versatile blanket is a valuable piece of equipment.

My first test with the Oceas waterproof blanket was a day of bouldering on a "beach". I took it to the sandy riverside area where the Klickitat River meets the Columbia River. While the area is a popular swimming and windsurfing spot, it also boasts a small bouldering wall where my friends and I like to climb. On Sundays, we climb together, and those with kids bring them to play in the sun and the water.

I brought the outdoor blanket in the hopes that it would be a good base for the five young kids joining us. I imagined it might give them a reprieve from the hot sand. Plus, I could test how well it held up.

I was sure the fleece would hold the sand, but I was wrong. When it was time to go home, all the sand rolled right off with a couple of shakes, and the blanket compressed back into its stuff sack quickly.

For the next test, I took the blanket car camping. It turned out to be just warm enough for a solid kip before climbing the next day. I recently found a way to sleep in my Ford Fiesta comfortably, and this blanket is my go-to for car camping. It doesn't take up much space in my trunk and it's easy to put away or unfold, even in a cramped space.

I’ve taken this blanket on nearly a dozen day trips now and the ripstop polyester has yet to show wear and tear. Plus, it's warm enough for windy days and chilly nights by the fire.

I also used the waterproof blanket as a dog bed while bouldering and the dog had no complaints. In fact, anytime I laid it down anywhere near him, he darted right to it. If that isn't a vote of confidence, I don't know what is.

It also works well as a picnic blanket; my only concern is that food and drinks may stain the polar fleece. However, one of my favorite features of the Oceas waterproof blanket is that it is machine washable, making cleanup of the inevitable food stains, beer spills, and campfire smells a breeze.

At 2.8lbs, this product is lightweight enough that your friend's kid-turned-pack mule can carry it for you. Plus, the carry strap slides easily over the shoulder or other bags. The blanket measures 79in x 58in. That leaves plenty of room for two adults to cuddle or five children to spread out. It's also the perfect size for one adult who moves around a lot in her sleep, aka me.

If you’re ready to bring this waterproof blanket with you on future adventures, you’ll find an MSRP of $44.

I can tell you I’ve absolutely gotten $44 worth out of my Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket and I’m pretty sure you will too.

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