Nov 24, 2023

Amanda Seyfried Wore A Pantsless 'Fit On IG, And Her Mile

Amanda Seyfried is doing press for her new psychological thriller The Crowded Room, and she's doing press for it on her Upstate New York farm.

The 37-year-old actress dropped a photo of herself on Instagram showing off her seriously toned legs in an oversized blazer while posing in front of a window. And damn, she looks amazingly fit.

Amanda lives an incredibly active life when she's not filming: She does many physically-grueling chores—like chopping wood—at the farm.

Amanda Seyfried stars in the new psychological thriller The Crowded Room and, apparently, she's doing press for it on her farm.

The 37-year-old actress, who lives on a farm in upstate New York, just casually dropped a photo of herself on Instagram showing off her seriously toned legs in an oversized blazer while posing in front of a window. The look is totally chic. And then…there's a chicken wandering through the shot.

Amanda kept the caption all business—she just promoted her new show—but the overall effect is hilarious. "It's the chicken for me," one person wrote in the comments, while another said, "You look absolutely stunning."

Amanda dropped a few more pics in her Instagram Stories of when she hit up Good Morning America in a Clueless-style plaid skirt-suit that ~also~ showed off those sculpted legs.

The actress is pretty private about her personal life, including what she does to get so strong, but she's dropped little tidbits here and there. One thing is clear: She's super active.

Last year, Amanda shared video of herself playing barefoot pickle ball with friends, totally acing a swing. Pickleball, in case you’re not familiar with it, can get your HR up quickly.

To promote her 2022 horror movie Skin & Bone, Amanda shared a photo of herself chopping wood on her farm like a champ. If you’ve ever tried to chop wood, you know that it takes some serious arm and shoulder strength, and apparently Amanda has a ton of it. Evidence:

Amanda previously opened up to The New York Times about farm life, and she regularly posts on Instagram about her animals. Living on a farm "solidified my need to be out of the game when I’m not working, to be in nature and to refresh," she told The Times. "Everybody needs a center of gravity. Somewhere to feel safe," she added.

BTW: Amanda has shared pics and videos of herself doing some serious manual labor, including hauling a massive rock around. Evidence:

It's been a minute since Amanda spoke publicly about her workouts, but she previously told Vogue in 2016 that she does a range of things—and she loves exercising for her mental health. "Exercise is first and foremost what I need to keep doing to promote those good vibes, and I try to do it every day," she said. "That physical release of stress is so therapeutic. Even a half-hour of jump-roping, on the bike, at Pure Barre, always makes for a more relaxing day."

Foodwise, Amanda seems to just enjoy good stuff. "Eat that bread and butter, have that drink if you drink," she told Vogue. "This is what we live for, these moments. Moderation is a healthy thing. What would we do without it?"

Clearly she walks the walk. Check out this impressive spread in a recent photo dump:

Keep doing you, Amanda!

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