May 04, 2023

HGTV's Nate Berkus Shows You The Best Ways To Style A Throw Blanket

Just like accent pillows, throw blankets are a crucial styling element to include in bedrooms and living spaces. This is because they add interest and make a room feel well-designed. They're also functional since they make your space more comfortable and warm when relaxing on the couch or in bed. However, displaying them correctly is important. This is because some options, like throwing them into a basket or haphazardly draping them over a piece of furniture, may leave your room feeling messy.

According to designer Nate Berkus, the best way to style a blanket is by folding it and then placing it over a piece of furniture, which he demonstrates in one of his Instagram posts. He says to fold it into thirds the long way so that the edges have crisp, straight lines. Then, you can drape it over the side of a chair, lay it on the back of a sofa, or place it at the foot of a bed, so that it creates a stripe of texture and color that looks perfectly tailored.

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Neatly folding your blankets before styling them will keep your home from looking messy. While it does take more work than just tossing your blankets over the side of your furniture, it will make a massive difference in the look and feel of your space. And, when you arrange them, it's easier for guests to notice how their textures or patterns benefit the aesthetic of your room.

Folding your blankets before you put them away in a linen closet is also crucial, as it will help you keep your home orderly. As described in another Instagram post, Nate Berkus follows a specific folding technique when storing a blanket. After folding it into thirds the long way to create a skinny tube, he then overlaps it once the opposite way and then into thirds again to create a little brick rectangle. If you want the blanket to always stay folded, tuck one side into the other. Also, face things like tassels or decorative elements towards the back of the shelf to create an orderly look.