Jun 30, 2023

If You Squirt During Sex—Or Want to Try!—The Liberator Blanket Is a Godsend

By Malia Griggs

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Because I strive to make my search results as revealing as possible, let's go ahead and get this out of the way: I’m a squirter. As in, I release liquid when I intensely orgasm. And not a trickle—we’re talking a torrential downpour. Though ejaculation isn't a topic I typically get into with others, squirting (like crying) when you come is a normal phenomenon that's equal parts enjoyable and incredibly messy. Luckily, my job as a SELF commerce editor opened my eyes to the world of sex blankets—and I’m here to share that the Liberator Fascinator waterproof throw is a godsend for gushers like me.

For context, I’m single and rarely mingle. I’m also a cat mom who covers her bed in water-resistant pet blankets to combat their shedding and coughed-up hairballs. My long-time solution to solo squirting was layering one of those (clean!) pet blankets or a towel over my comforter—neither of which is actually 100% waterproof, but they work when I’m climaxing only once or twice (usually with the help of my favorite vibrator). In the past year, however, I found myself in a couple of situationships, which led to more consistent sexual experience than I’ve had before—and a lot more squirting.

I quickly discovered that when I have multiple orgasms, it's like I’ve dumped several bottles of water (mixed with pee) onto my bed. Does it feel good? Yes. Is it convenient? Absolutely not. My work-around blankets could not withstand that volume of liquid, leaving my sheets gross and wet. Plus, who has to wash every single soiled linen after? Squirtle over here! Few things dilute the joys of sex more than the hovering anxiety of how much laundry you’ll have to do.

To combat the waterworks, I perused SELF's guide to the best sex blankets, which, as SELF previously reported, are waterproof throws that are specifically made to keep sheets and surfaces dry and clean. Liberator kindly gifted me the regular size (72 by 54 inches) of its Fascinator, a sex blanket that's constructed a bit like period underwear, with one moisture-proof layer that's sealed with a velvety top layer. I chose the black colorway, which has a slight sheen to it, and was immediately impressed by how much more luxurious it looked than my fuzzy white pet blanket (not to mention it's a more practical color for hiding messes).

The blanket covered about two thirds of my queen-size bed and didn't budge while I changed positions with my partner. The fabric felt slippery-smooth and soft against my skin. Whatever was going on with those waterproof layers held up to multiple orgasms: At the end of the night, the Fascinator felt only lightly damp, and my normal bedding was totally dry underneath. The only thing I had to machine-wash was the sex blanket, and after it dried, it was thin enough to tuck compactly into a drawer, ready for future sex-ventures.

Ultimately, I’m so glad I upgraded to the Liberator Fascinator sex blanket. The regular size costs $155, and though it's a bit pricey, I’m already contemplating getting a second (as backup, in case I want to get wet and wild two days in a row). Not only did the blanket protect my bedding (and precious time), but while I used it I found myself relaxing more than usual, perhaps because I knew the blanket was designed explicitly for people like me (versus pets). Instead of feeling sticky and stressed, I was able to fully focus on my pleasure—the biggest and best benefit of all.