Aug 24, 2023

Oodie review: We tried the viral hooded blanket and we’re never going back

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This has been a cold and seemingly never ending winter, so with quite a few weeks left to get through we decided it was high time we tried out the viral hooded blanket we’re seeing all over the internet: The Oodie.

If you're ready to take the plunge and want to try one for yourself, Oodie is running a sale with 20-50% off some of their best selling hooded blankets online now.

An Oodie is a super soft blanket and hoodie hybrid with a fleece exterior and a lining made with cosy sherpa fleece.

They come in a huge variety of colours and patterns, and while it isn't going to be the most stylish piece of apparel you own it may well be the most comfortable.

I live in a tiny flat with single glazed windows, and unfortunately don't make the kind of money one would need to blast the heater when it starts getting chilly in the evening.

Despite holding out most of winter with the help of my electric blanket, I finally cracked and called in reinforcements: the Oodie.

I’ve seen the Oodie popping up everywhere over the past few months, but I wasn't sure it was really my style so I tried to make do with the flimsy tracksuits I’ve already got. I soon realised without any help from a heater these weren't going to suffice and I needed to up the ante if I wanted to stay warm.

There are a tonne of designs to choose from so I opted for the sloth printed one, because it embodies how I’ve been feeling since November.

When I received the package I was surprised at how small it appeared as it had been compressed into the packaging, but as soon as it was opened it sprung to life.

The second I opened it up I stripped out of my restrictive workout clothes and popped the Oodie straight on. The fabric is even softer than I’d imagined, with the sherpa fleece on the lining feeling just like a fluffy blanket.

I’m 5’3 so when I put on the Oodie it goes to below my knees and the arms are a little long, but I prefer it this way because it makes it feel all the more cosy and I don't need to wear anything warm on my bottom half.

It also has a large pocket across the front which fits my kindle, phone, a snack and whatever else I want to cart around the house. When I’m laying down I keep my hands in the pockets because they’re lined with the same sherpa material so they keep my hands toasty warm.

Putting a hoodie on when you’re holed up at home might look silly, but the extra layer of sherpa fabric behind your heads makes it feel like you're being given a full body hug.

If you’re someone who likes to slather on thick body lotion and oils after you shower in winter, give it a few minutes for it to fully sink in before you get into the Oodie otherwise it will feel a bit sticky.

Due to its large size it does take up a lot of space, but when the time comes and it's no longer cold enough to wear it I plan to store it in a vacuum storage bag with my coats.

The prices of Oodies range from £77 for kids to £89 for adults when paying full price.

With the current discounts shoppers can expect to save £30 for single Oodies and up to £282 on multi-packs for adults. For kids, you can save £30 on a single Oodie and up to £140 on multi-packs.

With the amount of wear an Oodie gets in winter, it's going to need a wash at some point.

To keep it feeling soft, you’ll need to hand or machine wash it in cold water. Hand washing it will better guarantee it remains soft, but if you need to machine wash it you can put it on a cold cycle.

Steer clear of harsh detergents, and only use the kind of washing powder you’d use on delicate fabrics like wool or silk.

Oodies are so thick they do take quite a while to dry, but you mustn't be tempted to throw it in the dryer. It's quite delicate, so it should be laid flat to dry. It also can't be ironed or dry cleaned,

Oodies are sold directly on the Oodie website.

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