May 09, 2023

Stay Cozy, Not Broke: Kmart's Affordable Oodie Alternative Gets a Restock

By Elliot Nash - NewsPublished: 5 Jun 2023

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Who could forget the Oodie madness of 2021? That was when Kmart released its version of the much-coveted wearable blanket, sending shoppers into a frenzy. Despite not being quite as fluffy or snug as the Original Oodie (it's still the top pick in our books), the Kmart variant had a magnetic allure, thanks to an incredible price of AUD$29, a far more digestible bite than the AUD$109 needed to nab a genuine Oodie.

Sadly, just like an ice-cold beer on a scorching summer day, the Kmart version was gone too soon, leaving many empty-handed and, presumably, a little chilly. But like the prodigal son, it's returned, boasting an upgrade.

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Kmart Pull Over Gown | Image: Kmart

The revamped Kmart Pull Over Gown, yours for just AUD$35, wraps you in a soft borg fleece fabric with an even cosier fleece lining. It's a bit shorter than its predecessor, hovering above the knee rather than touching mid-calf. However, with the camouflage patterns, you might have a bit of trouble spotting the difference.

But let's get down to the nuts and bolts. This pullover still has that sought-after oversized fit, kangaroo pocket, and the all-important hood. One Kmart reviewer summed it up as "Very easy to pop on & keep warm." Now, how does it stack up against the Oodie?

Although they might appear like two peas in a pod, the Kmart version is less thick and skews more towards an oversized hoodie than a ‘wearable blanket’. It's also primarily women's sleepwear, unlike the Oodie, which is unisex. We’re hoping Kmart will unveil more men's versions soon.

That said, the Kmart Pull Over Gown compensates for its shortcomings with its price. Let's be real; our wallets could do with a breather. If your taste leans towards Harry Potter, The Mandalorian, or Frozen, you might be drawn to Oodie's extensive range of designs, with popular koala, avocado, and sloth prints now going for a cool AUD$79. Kmart does offer a Disney License Pull Over Gown, but with its all-pink design, it's more targeted at the ladies, much like the Hooded Teddy Nightie.

Cotton On Snugget Adults Oversized Hoodie | Image: Cotton On

Luckily, there's no shortage of affordable Oodie alternatives out there in the wild. The flock is growing, folks. Big W's oversized hoodie is a player in the game, with a starting price that's easy on the pocket at just AUD$35. Not to be outdone, Cotton On offers a take with the Snugget Adults Oversized Hoodie at AUD$60, but keep an eye out because it drops as low as AUD$30 during sales. Lastly, don't forget to tip your hat to The Comfy, the OG of hooded blankets, which has been on the scene since 2017. For AUD$70, you can snag this veteran from Amazon Australia. So, a whole line-up of contenders are ready and waiting to keep you cosy without emptying your wallet.

Regardless of the name on the tag – be it ‘oversized hoodies’ or ‘hooded blankets’, the aim is comfort. Whether you’re planning a gaming night, a Netflix marathon, or just chilling out, there's an Oodie dupe that’ll suit your style and budget. But remember to act fast. These comforting cocoons are notorious for flying off the shelves.

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it's returned, boasting an upgrade RELATED You’ll also like