Oct 18, 2023

The 7 best picnic blankets for enjoying the outdoors in 2023



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Happy picnic season — no ants invited.

Once the weather gets nice and the ground is dry again after the snow and rain of winter and spring, the people of the city come out, setting up shop at the park, the beach and really any public space available to soak up the sun and get out of our homes and apartments.

In addition to a picnic basket, snacks and drinks to share and a portable speaker for tunes, the main thing — nay, the only thing — you can't leave your house without is an outdoor blanket to sit on

While you could just bring a bedsheet or a bath towel to the park, we do recommend choosing a weather-proof blanket made for the outdoors, or at least a throw that won't get too dirty or be used on your bed or body later.

Because of this, we rounded up some of our top outdoor picnic blanket picks, perfect for a park date, picnic lunch, beach day or just a weather-proof throw for your backyard or patio when you want to sunbathe between Zoom calls during the week. We also organized it by best budget pick, best for packing and more to help you decide what fits for your family.

Read on for our top picks of 2023 and then grab your sunscreen, shades and sandals, gather a group together and head outside to soak up the sun.

If you are looking for a sturdy yet soft blanket that can also stand up to weather and soggy ground, this is your best bet. The L.L.Bean outdoor blanket was built with the great outdoors in mind, with a water-proof nylon coating on one side and a comfortable, washable fleece on the other. Customers have used this blanket for camping, picnics, on their boats and even at soccer games to keep them warm on the sidelines while watching their little ones play.

When looking for a great blanket that won't cost too many bucks, head to Amazon. The Good Gain brand blanket is not only an Amazon Choice product with 2,900 reviews and counting, but it is also less than $25, with coupons available for even more savings. The blanket itself is also water-resistant, with a waterproof backing, as well as portable when you use the included strap.

Get going on your picnic date even faster with this grab-and-go portable blanket from Pendleton. The beloved blanket brand sells this portable picnic blanket at Walmart, now under $50. The fabric is both durable and waterproof for the outdoors, but lightweight and easily packable for when you need to head out or head home after a great day in the sun…or rain.

For a truly outdoor-approved blanket, Yeti has you covered. They also will have you protected against damp ground, sandy residue and more with the waterproof utility layer. You can also use this blanket for colder outdoor activities, as the waterproof blanket is also insulated with an internal polyester layer, as well as topped with one more layer for added comfort and cushion.

No one likes sand in their picnic foods. That's why this Nemo brand blanket is the best for the beach — trust the waterproof bottom to repel dirt and sand, plus the corners of the blanket can be staked down into sand or ground using the corner loops to prevent it from blowing away on a breeze day at the beach.

Having a staff picnic? For the best giveaways, staff outings, family camping retreats and more, why not make your very own custom picnic blanket. Doing so is easy with CustomInk, as all you need to do is choose a color, then upload your logo or design and CustomInk does the printing and shipping for you.

No ants are welcome at our picnic, and neither are mosquitos, beetles or any other bugs. This unique outdoor throw from Outer is treated with a non-toxic insect repellent to keep mosquitoes, ticks, flies, chiggers, ants and other bugs away from your space.

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