Jul 21, 2023

The 9 Best Weighted Blankets of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Our top winner was the Threshold Microplush Weighted Blanket, which is easy to clean, comfortable, and one of the more affordable options we tested

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People / Dera Burreson

With our busy, high-stress lifestyles, self care is more important than ever. One effective tool to keep on-hand is a weighted blanket. Shown to reduce stress levels and promote feelings of relaxation, a weighted blanket can be an attractive and useful addition to any bed or couch. Kourtney Kardashian counts herself a big fan, but this is one celebrity-loved product that many of us can comfortably afford.

Dr. Bridget Cole Williams, board-certified family physician and CEO of Green Harvest Health, explains that weighted blankets work via pressure therapy. "Pressure therapy is shown to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which tells the body to rest and relax," says Dr. Williams. "Activating the parasympathetic nervous system also lowers anxiety and stress, helps to slow heart rate, helps with insomnia, and helps promote relaxation." When shopping for your first weighted blanket, Dr. Williams advises to look for a blanket that's about 10 percent of your body weight.

To get you started, PEOPLE Tested put 35 weighted blankets to work — keep reading to discover which ones passed our tests.


Microplush fabric is of the coziest materials we tested

Easy to clean, both spot-cleaning and machine laundering

One of the more affordable options

We found it can feel a little too warm if using for an extended amount of time

In our tests, we found a lot of things we loved about this blanket from Target. First and foremost, the fleece material is very soft and cuddly, which was especially great for winter (although we warn it may be a little too warm after using it for an extended period of time, but this is more a personal preference). We also like the convenience of the cover being machine washable. During testing, we splashed the blanket with coffee and then washed the cover according to the care instructions — and it came out looking good as new, despite the thickness of the blanket. It was also easy to spot clean, which is convenient for in-between washes in the machine. To top it all off, the Threshold Microplush Weighted Blanket costs well under $100, making this a great value for a 15-lb. weighted blanket.

Price at time of publish: $69

Dimensions: 55 x 80 inches (15 lbs.) | Material: Microplush | Fill: 88% glass microbeads, 12% polyester | Cover: Removable and machine washable throw

People / Dera Burreson

People / Dera Burreson


Comfortable feel with evenly distributed fill

Several weight options to choose from

Easy to spot clean

Not super easy to machine wash, as we saw shrinkage and it takes awhile to air-dry

Not as plush of a material as others we tested — we wish it was softer

We tested the 15-lb. option from Waowoo, and we felt this weight to be perfect — heavy enough, but also easy to adjust and very comfortable. It's nice and warm but does not trap body heat, keeping you at a nice temperature while using. The glass bead filling is evenly distributed, thanks to the quilted sewing pattern that keeps the beads in place. Plus, the blanket is available in several different weight options and sizes, so you can find exactly what you need here.

We did notice a few loose threads, but otherwise feel like it was very good quality. In our coffee spill test, a lot of the liquid came out with spot cleaning, and after laundering, we did notice some shrinkage but the stains did come out. When laundering, it also takes a long time to air-dry, so plan accordingly if using daily. We do wish it was a softer, more plush material, but it's still comfortable and not at all itchy. Overall, this a good value for such a low price point (even more so when on sale).

Price at time of publish: $29.99 (orig. $54.99)

Dimensions: 60 x 80 inches (15, 17, 20, or 25 lbs.), plus other sizes | Material: Microfiber | Fill: Glass beads | Cover: Removable, machine-washable duvet

People / Dera Burreson

People / Dera Burreson

People / Dera Burreson


Evenly distributed pressure that does not feel overly heavy

Durable, machine-washable cover

Several colors to choose from

Some loose threads near the zipper upon delivery

This Quility blanket felt soft on both sides. While there were some loose strings near the zipper, that was the only flaw that our tester noticed. The weighted insert was removable and is attached at the corners of the cover, which is a nice touch. It's durable, too — our coffee stain came right out and the cover held up well after washing.

Even though this blanket weighs in at 25 lbs., it did not feel too heavy, and the pressure felt evenly distributed — meaning the weight did not cluster or shift while moving around. We felt warm after just five minutes under this blanket, making it a good choice for someone who keeps their place cool (but may be too warm for those who run hot, especially in the warmer months). Overall, this is a great choice for someone looking for heavier weighted blanket with evenly distributed weight.

Price at time of publish: $195.29

Dimensions: 60 x 80 inches (25 lbs.), plus other weights and sizes | Material: 100% cotton | Fill: Glass beads | Cover: Removable, machine-washable duvet

People / Dera Burreson

People / Dera Burreson

People / Dera Burreson

Nest Bedding

Fill stays in place and doesn't shift around much, thanks to the quilted design

Comes with a tote bag for travel or storage

Stains easily come out with blotting and a Tide pen

Machine washing caused a hole and some loose threads

Bumps from the fill are noticeable at times

One of the more aesthetically pleasing blankets we tested, this one from Nest has a nice texture and feel, and the weight felt just right — noticeable when moving the blanket around but still manageable. Beautiful to look at, the blanket lays smooth and flat. We like that it's heavy enough to feel relaxed but it didn't trap in heat, keeping us comfortable while using. We loved that the fill didn't shift no matter how much we moved the blanket around; however, we did note that in some places, we could feel the tiny bumps of the fill — but it's a small ding in an otherwise good review for comfort and quality.

When cleaning our coffee stain in our tests, most of the liquid ran right off the blanket. For the remaining stain, blotting and a Tide stick worked well. After laundering, however, the blanket came out with a hole and some loose threads. Aside from this issue, we found it to be a very good value — especially since it comes with a travel-ready tote. We would just advise against laundering it in the washing machine or taking extra care if you do choose to do so.

Price at time of publish: $109.60 (orig. $137)

Dimensions: 48 x 72 inches (15 lbs.), 60 x 80 inches (18 lbs.), 80 x 86 inches (25 lbs.) | Material: Polyester jersey top layer, woven polyester lining, bamboo rayon bottom layer | Fill: 85% glass beads, 15% polyester fiber

People / Dera Burreson

People / Dera Burreson


Open weave allows for good airflow, ideal for hot sleepers

Comes in several weight, size, and color options

Kept its shape and quality after machine washing

Not the easiest to spot clean

Different than most weighted blankets, the Bearaby Cotton Napper features a knit construction versus a bead-filled interior. We found the fabric to be soft, the knitting to be uniform, and the blanket well-constructed. It's easy to move around underneath it, with the feel being similar to a heavy comforter, and it's easy to pick up and move around, as well. We would ideally recommend this blanket for hot sleepers, because the large knit allowed air to flow through and keep us warm without overheating. Spot cleaning wasn't the easiest due to the knit material, but it did fare well in the wash. With a higher retail price than most of our winners, it's a little spendy — but if you're a weighted blanket lover that runs hot, we definitely think it's worth the investment.

Price at time of publish: $199+

Dimensions: 40 x 64 inches (10 lbs.), 40 x 72 inches (15 lbs.), 45 x 72 inches (20 lbs.), 48 inches x 72 inches (25 lbs.) | Material: Organic cotton

People / Dera Burreson

Sunday Citizen

Filled with calming crystal pieces

Super easy to clean for both blotting and machine laundering

Warm but still fairly breathable

Quite heavy to move around when folded

Messy people and those with kids and/or pets: This might just be the blanket for you. We found that in our coffee spill test, the liquid beaded and stayed on top of the blanket for over a minute, then completely disappeared like magic when blotted with a towel. Having blotted a lot of stains in our life, this amazed us. Plus, the outer shell is machine washable for added convenience.

We loved that the super-soft microfiber exterior has a slight basket weave texture to it, which adds a nice decorative touch — not to mention that it's filled with bits of clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst crystals. The 10-lb. blanket felt like just the right weight and comfort when lying underneath, but it did feel quite heavy and cumbersome to move while folded. While it was very cozy and warm, it did not trap body heat and kept us comfortable during use. Starting at $269, it's pricey for a blanket, even a great performing one, but we still think it's worth it.

Price at time of publish: $269+

Dimensions: 52 x 77 inches (10 lbs.), 52 x 77 inches (15 lbs.), 52 x 77 inches (20 lbs), 90 x 90 inches (35 lbs.) | Material: 100% microfiber | Fill: Glass pearls, polyester, pieces of clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst | Cover: Removable, machine-washable

People / Dera Burreson

People / Dera Burreson


Excellent quality and comfort

Very easy to spot clean

Good temperature for year-round use, especially if you run cold

Dry cleaning recommended, which can be inconvenient (and add to the cost over time)

Velvet fabric is not as plush as other materials we tested

If you're looking to splurge on a weighted blanket knowing it will last you a long time, this Saatva option is very high quality with nice, evenly distributed weight. The velvet material is as soft and plush as others we tested, but that just might be your preference. We were able to move it around easily, and the blanket remained nice and warm, perfect for three seasons — plus summer if you’re someone who runs cold.

Since the cover is not removable, dry cleaning is recommended — but this is a bit inconvenient for a 12- or 20-lb. blanket. So, we were happy to discover that it's super easy to clean by hand. When we spilled coffee on it during testing, the liquid rolled off in little beads, allowing a nearly effortless cleanup. Plus, it appears to be quite durable as the material won't snag from everyday use. While it is expensive, we think it is fairly priced for the quality, comfortable feel, and durability.

Price at time of publish: $345+

Dimensions: 48 x 74 inches (single, 12 lbs.), 86 x 92 inches (queen/king, 20 lbs.) | Material: Organic cotton velvet | Fill material: All-natural glass beads

People / Dera Burreson

Sleep Number

Cooling, temperature-regulating fabric

Weighted insert inside the cover doesn't shift or bunch up

Easy to spot clean

Slightly shrank in the wash during testing

This Sleep Number blanket got top scores in the quality, comfort, and warmth categories during our tests, but what stands out is its temperature-regulating benefits. According to the brand, the proprietary fabric claims to adapt to your body's temperature via a particle technology that helps remove moisture and keep you from overheating. During our tests, we felt this actually worked — it's surprisingly cooling even after using for awhile or when the climate is warmer, and it's even comfortable enough to wear overnight without getting too hot. We also appreciated that the Sleep Number blanket has a washable cover, although it was also easy to spot clean with a damp cloth. In our machine washing test, the blanket did shrink somewhat, but we still believe it's a durable choice; it feels like it would hold up to wear and tear in the long run, despite this slight shrinkage.

Price at time of publish: $149.99

Dimensions: 48 x 70 inches (12 or 20 lbs.) | Material: 80% cotton, 20% 37.5 polyester technology | Fill: 94% glass beads, 6% polyester | Cover: Removable, machine-washable

People / Dera Burreson

People / Dera Burreson


Soft and comforting

Easy to hand wash and spot clean

Fun prints and colors for children

Not machine washable

May not be warm enough for winter temperatures

This 3-lb. weighted blanket is a super soft, gentle option perfectly suited for kids. As an adult, you might want more weight, but the lighter weight is well-suited for a child who may need a little help falling asleep. While there's a good amount of warmth, it's probably not warm enough for more frigid temperatures, but we love that the lighter weight and smaller size make for easy cleanup (although it's hand wash only, we found it easy to spot clean with a damp washcloth).

Price at time of publish: $35.99

Dimensions: 36 x 48 inches (3 lbs.), plus other sizes and weights for adults | Material: Microfiber | Fill: 0.8-1 mm non-toxic hypo-allergenic glass beads

People / Dera Burreson

People / Dera Burreson

Dr. Bridget Cole Williams, board-certified family physician and CEO of Green Harvest Health, says that a blanket roughly 10 percent of your body weight will provide best results for comfort, calmness, and ease in falling asleep. If you are in between sizes, Dr. Williams suggests going 1-2 lbs. above the suggested weight. "The idea is to feel the comfort and hugging sensation without pressure and difficulty moving," she says. In terms of blanket size, she suggests choosing a blanket that is appropriate for your height instead of something that covers the size of your bed.

"The fabric you choose is much more up to your senses and desire," says Dr. Williams. She advises to consider the climate you live in, the fabric's breathability and if you typically run hot or cold, and which textures and materials you find comforting. "Some common fabrics are minky, cotton, bamboo, flannel, linen, and microfiber," she explains. There are also blankets with other elements, like the Sunday Citizen Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket which is filled with pieces of crystal for added calming effects.

Things like a removable, washable cover, cozy materials, and durable quality will all drive up the price of a weighted blanket. But if you can afford it, a higher-priced weighted blanket can definitely be worth it. For example, the most expensive option that we tested is the Saatva Weighted Blanket, which costs $345 for 12 lbs. of weight. However, we found it to be durable, ultra-comfortable, and it's also made from organic cotton and natural glass beads.

We carefully examined the construction and quality of 35 weighted blankets, noting any loose threads or snags upon arrival. We then timed ourselves lying under each blanket for five minutes, taking note of the blanket trapped heat and if they felt cool, warm, or overheated in this initial use. We also pulled the blanket up and rolled over underneath it to test how it felt while moving around, along with folding and pulling the blanket up on a bed to evaluate its maneuverability.

Next, we determined how easy it was to spot-clean each blanket by pouring one tablespoon of coffee on the blanket, letting it stand for 30 seconds, then blotting with a cool, wet towel. If the stain remained, we treated the spot with a Tide pen. Machine washable blankets and covers were put through the wash as well to evaluate their durability after laundering.

Finally, we rated each blanket on a 1-5 scale against each attribute (quality, comfort, warmth, ease of cleaning, durability, and — only after all the testing and then revealing the price — value). After the initial testing, we brought the blankets home with us for long-term testing, gathering more insights after one, three, and six months of use. The products with the highest average scores across all attributes made it to this PEOPLE Tested list of the best weighted blankets.

"There is no right or wrong time to use your blanket," says Dr. Williams. "Whenever a sensory tool is needed to help with calmness, a weighted blanket can be used along with deep breathing, sensory toys, or grounding. A weighted blanket is another tool to help the body relax and may help with focus while working." Keep in mind, however, your body's typical temperature level when sleeping — some weighted blankets may be too hot for you to use for an extended amount of time.

Dr. Williams says weighted blankets are an excellent tool for children, especially those with autism, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. However, make sure they don't use a blanket that's too heavy for them; follow the 10 percent body weight rule for children, too.

We created the PEOPLE Tested seal of approval to help you find the very best products for your life. We use our unique methodology to test products in three labs across the country and with our network of home testers to determine their effectiveness, durability, ease of use, and so much more. Based on the results, we rate and recommend products so you can find the right one for your needs.

But we don't stop there: We also regularly re-review the categories in which we’ve awarded the PEOPLE Tested seal of approval — because the best product of today might not be the best of tomorrow. And by the way, companies can never buy our recommendation: Their products must earn it, fair and square.

In short, PEOPLE Tested provides recommendations you can trust — every day, every purchase.

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