Sep 28, 2023

We All Need This Waterproof Stadium Blanket In Our Cars

This one deserves three cheers.

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I know, I know. You’re trying to cut back on the amount of stuff in your car, not add one more thing to the mix. But this time we’re not talking about the must-have ice scraper that you’ll use on average 3.4 times per year. Or the mini trash can that was intended to catch all the straw wrappers, tissues, and empty chip bags but instead rolls around in the back seat, spreading the wealth (er waste). No, this time it's something that might actually be labeled as handy, not to mention small, tidy, and easily stowable. If you don't already have an outdoor stadium blanket stashed in your dash, console, or trunk, now is the time to hop to it with the Sportneer Waterproof Blanket.

The thing about a waterproof blanket is that you’ll never know how much you’ll use it, until you actually get one. I’ve had mine for about a year and every single time I grab it out of my trunk I feel like Mary Poppins. Whether to corral a group of youngsters while they watch their big brothers on the soccer field or, most recently, to keep pine needles from cut Christmas tree branches from littering my trunk space, a good waterproof blanket is the type of item that will make you the MPP (most prepared person) no matter where you go.

We all know you’ll be hard-pressed to find a morning in the South when there isn't dew, frost, or some combination of the two dusting the ground. Your standard blanket is not going to cut the mustard, whether it's picnic time or soccer time. But waterproof doesn't usually mean comfortable—and who wants to sit on a tarp? While the Sportneer features a highly durable, waterproof, and wind resistant polyurethane nylon coating on one, a polar fleece backing on the flipside means you’ll stay cozy and snug no matter what elements are at play.

For me, the key to keeping my car tidy is having elements that don't unravel—both figuratively and literally. This waterproof blanket folds up into a tidy rectangle and fastens with a button closure. It comes with a portable storage bag to make toting a breeze. When it's time to tote it to the laundry room, just unwrap and throw it in the washing machine. It’ll be as good as new.

Whether you need a blanket for the backseat to keep Fido's fur at bay, or have standing Saturday engagements at the ball field, you’ve met your new BFF.


Even though the blanket expands to a sizeable 79"x55" it folds up to a size small enough to tuck under your arm as you walk into the stadium. Choose from black or a vibrant cobalt blue.