Oct 07, 2023

11 Best Blankets of 2023

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Get ready for your coziest season yet with these top-tested picks.

We updated this article in February 2023 to ensure that all picks tested and vetted by fiber scientists in the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab were in stock and reflect accurate pricing.

There's no better feeling than snuggling up at the end of a long day under a cozy blanket when watching TV, reading a book or just lounging around. The perfect blanket is not only cuddly but elevates your living room or bedroom, adding personality to your space. Whether you like breathable fabric, ultra-soft blankets or thick and plush options, the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab rounded the best blankets based on our evaluations in Lab, including assessing construction and any changes in appearance after laundering in a variety of material options, including cotton, wool and synthetics. GH fiber scientists analyzed feedback from dozens of at-home testers who gave comments on softness, comfort, appearance, ease of laundering and more. Based on our tests, these are the best blankets for your living room, bedroom and beyond.

Style these blankets with a chic couch, a well-made bed, or even across a recliner for an easy upgrade to your home. After shopping through our top tested blankets, keep reading to learn more about our testing process and key blanket shopping tips from fiber scientists.

ChappyWrap blankets are popular for their signature soft yet substantial feel. Made with a blend of cotton, acrylic and polyester, GH testers loved the feel of this blanket, saying "it's so soft and cozy that I'm always wearing it around the house." GH analysts found this pick easy to wash and dry, noticing no shrinkage or changes in appearance. GH pros were blown away by the impressive range of patterns, including nautical, animal and plaid designs. The kid-sized blankets make a great baby shower gift too!

This cozy throw starts at just $15! With 26 solid colors from gold to teal, you will find a shade that goes beautifully with your decor. This blanket is made from microfiber fleece for a breathable feel and super soft texture, which is why over 139,000 Amazon reviewers gave this blanket five stars. Testers raved about this soft, cozy blanket without giving a single complaint in their reviews. Machine washable and dryer safe, testers said it "remained just as soft after washing."

Popular for its top tested sheets, Brooklinen's throw blanket is made from 100% wool with fringed edges, available in two neutral shades. Ideal for added warmth, wool blankets are great at providing insulation while wicking away moisture to keep you comfy all winter long. While wool is generally not rated as soft as synthetic fleece or cotton, GH analysts were impressed at the soft feel of this blanket right out of the box. It draped beautifully on a couch as decor too.

With a stylish herringbone pattern available in a variety of shades, this blanket from Authenticity50 is made with soft cotton that's both grown and stitched in the U.S. GH Lab analysts appreciated its quality construction and testers gave it a perfect appearance score, saying "it looks beautiful." It has a medium weight that testers found "not too light and not too heavy," using it in both winter and summer months. Since it's gorgeous and versatile enough to use in the living room or bedroom, we think this is one of the best blankets to give as a gift.

Our favorite cooling blanket is made with 37.5 cooling technology, which stores heat when you're warm and releases it when you're cool for the most comfortable sleep all night long. GH analysts have tested many products with 37.5 technology (including these top performing Sleep Number cooling sheets) and are continually impressed with its ability to prevent night sweats in the first place. Choose from five colors and rest easy knowing you can toss this pick into the washer.

If you’re a restless sleeper and struggle to get those much needed Zzz's, a weighted blanket might be the perfect blanket for you. Many credit the soothing feel of weighted blankets for helping them rest a bit easier. This super popular pick has grid-like stitching to help keep the interior glass beads from bunching up and comes in three weights (15, 20 and 35 pounds). Testers loved the soft machine washable microfleece cover and that the "fill was well distributed."

This waffle blanket from Boll & Branch uses high-quality materials with a chic look. GH analysts appreciate that the brand uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, meaning the whole supply chain is organic, not just the growing of the cotton. Reviewers love the waffle weave, saying it's breathable with a soft, textured surface; GH analysts were impressed with its soft feel compared to other waffle blankets. Available in nine neutral shades, this blanket is designed to use on your bed, but reviewers also love it as a throw on the sofa.

Amazon reviewers (over 73,000 of them!) agree that this Sherpa fleece style throw blanket is an excellent buy. Made from polyester microfiber, this blanket is reversible with one side mimicking soft fur while the other is smooth fleece — GH testers absolutely love the fleece material from Bedsure, saying it's impressively soft, and its massive King size is ideal for couples to share. Reviewers rave about how great this blanket holds up in the wash, as long as you make sure to follow the care instructions. GH analysts did notice some pilling and excess fuzziness on the sherpa side after extensive use.

Acing Lab testing with rave reviews from testers, this pick cinched the top spot in our electric blanket round-up, ideal for winter use. It boasts ten different heat settings with dual controls for custom temps on each side of the bed (with Queen and King sizes). The heat automatically shuts off after 10 hours, providing comforting heat while you sleep and then peace of mind when it comes to safety. Testers especially loved the super soft, plush microfiber cover, the easy-to-use controls and the pre-heat option to warm your sheets before bedtime. The fabric didn't shrink or change appearance after several laundering cycles in the GH Textiles Lab.

For a breezy, airy look, this lightweight coverlet from Riley impressed testers with its "incredibly soft feel." One tester even raved that she bought one for each room in her house, blown away by the range of shade options. GH analysts recommend using this lightweight blanket as either a throw year round or on your bed in the summer months instead of a comforter — pair with the matching shams for a chic, cohesive look.

"Crazy soft and cozy," testers were obsessed with this faux fur throw from Home Decorators. Made with faux fur polyester, testers were extremely impressed with its chic look whether used on a bed or couch. Testers loved pairing this blanket with the matching decorative pillow and area rug too. GH analysts tend to prefer blankets that are machine washable, but this style is spot clean only. As a Good Housekeeping Seal holder, we stand behind this pick with a two-year limited warranty.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab is comprised of fiber scientists who test all types of bedding, including comforters, quilts, duvet covers, sheets and more, to build your dream bed. In our latest evaluations, we tested 30 blankets, sending samples to over 75 different testers to get hundreds of data points to analyze before making these picks. Here are the main criteria we looked at before making these picks:

✔️ Comfort: When testing blankets, GH analysts test them in Lab as well as have testers try them out to get feedback about comfort, feel, temperature regulation and more. Testers used these blankets on the couch when watching a movie or snuggled up in bed. Comfort is key, so every tester rated the blanket's softness and overall comfort.

✔️ Durability: Blankets need to stand up to use as well as laundering. We evaluate the construction of each blanket to ensure that's well designed. Then, GH analysts wash the blankets according to their care label, rating shrinkage and any changes in appearance.

✔️ Appearance: While blanket feel and comfort reign supreme, you still want a stylish look. Testers rated each blanket's appearance, providing notes on how it looked draped on a couch or bed.

✔️ Shopping experience: When shopping for a blanket, you want a seamless ordering experience with easy returns if the material and feel are not for you. We chose brands that have easy-to-shop interfaces with strong return policies.

✔️ Material: The most important aspect of blanket shopping is the feel, and material has the largest impact on feel. Some GH testers have been impressed with how soft synthetic blankets feel, while others prefer the natural feel of cotton or linen, so this is mostly subjective and up to your preference.

✔️ Features: Some blankets feature heating capabilities, cooling technologies or additional weight for extra coziness. Think about how you plan on using the blanket to decide what features are most important to you.

✔️ Weight: GSM a.k.a. grams per square meter indicates the thickness of the blanket. This is a great way to determine which season a blanket is designed for as a higher GSM means a warmer blanket. Generally, we recommend opting for blankets under 300 GSM for summer. If GSM isn't listed, you can look at the product's weight: heavier blankets are better suited for colder months.

✔️ Size: Before purchasing, make sure to look at the specific dimensions for the blanket as a Queen or King sized blanket can vary by brand. Also, some blankets are designed to be used by just one person, so opt for an oversized one if you plan to share.

✔️ Care: For a blanket you use every day, opt for styles that have simple care instructions — avoid spot clean or dry clean only styles. However, you may be okay with blankets that aren't machine washable if you plan to use them more for decor than function.

Emma Seymour is a senior textiles product analyst. She's been at Good Housekeeping for over three years, overseeing Lab and consumer tests for the above blankets, cooling blankets, pillows and more. With a degree in Fiber Science and Apparel Design from Cornell University, she has extensive research experience in product testing.

Emma Seymour (she/her) is a senior product analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute's Textiles, Paper and Apparel Lab, where she has led testing for luggage, pillows, towels, tampons and more since 2018. She graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor of science in fiber science and apparel design and a minor in gerontology, completing research in the Body Scanner Lab on optimizing activewear for athletic performance.

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Our top picks: so soft and cozy over 139,000 Amazon reviewers gave this blanket five stars. made from 100% wool cotton that's both grown and stitched in the U.S. made with 37.5 cooling technology, weighted blankets for helping them rest a bit easier GOTS-certified organic cotton this blanket is reversible super soft, plush microfiber cover, "incredibly soft feel." "Crazy soft and cozy," we tested 30 blankets, sending samples to over 75 different testers to get hundreds of data points to analyze before making these picks. ✔️ Comfort: ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Durability: ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Appearance: ✔️ Shopping experience: ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Material: ✔️ ✔️ Features: ✔️ ✔️ Weight: ✔️ ✔️ Size: ✔️ ✔️ Care: ✔️ Emma Seymour