Jul 03, 2023

17 Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know

"My hack is that each bed gets its own color or pattern sheets. If I'm doing a load of sheets, I can quickly sort out the patterned sheets that go in the guest room from my solid sheets that go in my room, despite them both being the same size."

BuzzFeed Staff, Canada



"Store spare sheets and linens under the bed? Damn, that's genius, wow! Doing that ASAP. We have one small linen closet and it's FULL and a mess. This will solve that issue!"



"I have baby wipes everywhere because…baby. Whenever I’m stuck in a spot watching him finish his dinner, etc, I grab one and do a quick wipe down of a dusty surface. Or if I just happen to notice something is really dusty, and I don't have the time to go get all my proper cleaning supplies."





"I LOVE THIS HACK! I have a couple of different size sheets in the same color and I'm always fretting over it!"



"In the restaurant industry, this is known as 'full hands in, full hands out,' as in, leave the kitchen with food to run, come back to the kitchen with bussed dishes. If you’re gonna be walking there anyway, might as well be carrying something useful."



"Janitors always did this at the school where I taught."



"THIS. And it motivates you to keep the floor free of clutter unless you want the robot to eat it."


"I have three hairy pets and it saves so much time. I wasn't vacuuming daily before...but needed to be. Now my vacuum just does it instead. Keeps the floors so clean!"






"I do this, love this, and cannot recommend it enough. I don't have too much of a struggle to motivate myself and keep the house clean but damn do I dislike cleaning out my car."





"I stand by the white vinegar trick. It also works with almost anything that you'd want to remain fluffy too in my experience. Fuzzy blanket? Good as new. Fuzzy sweater? Still beautiful."



Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.