Sep 05, 2023

NEW Disney x Native 'Moana' Collection Including Shoes, Bags, Tumblers, and More at Walt Disney World

A new "Moana" collection from Disney and Native debuted at Walt Disney World today. We found the collection at BouTiki in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, however, many items were removed from shelves after we photographed them. It seems the collection may have been released a few days early.

The recyclable shoes feature a brown and tan pattern inspired by Moana's clothes and Maui's tattoos.

Orange flowers are dotted across the shoes.

A rubber Disney x Native plaque is on the tongue.

The Native logo is on the heels.

The bottom of the shoes are creamy white.

The front of the back backpack is a white twill fabric embroidered with green and coral pink flowers.

The zipper pull has brown beads and a coral-pink tassel.

It includes a Kakamora charm and a small zipper pouch.

The strap features a light red, brown, and white pattern with Moana's silhouette. The sides and back of the bag are made of brown pleather.

This cloth basket is white twill with a stripe pattern featuring Pua and Hei Hei.

Pink tassels hang from the rim.

The puffy headband is lined with coral-pink velour.

The exterior is patterned with flowers.

Brown beads run around the exterior.

The bucket hat uses the same fabric as the headband, with white fringe around the brim and top.

An orange and brown band runs around the center.

Moana is holding up the heart of Te Fiti on the side of this tumbler.

Behind her is a stripe pattern of triangles, waves, fish, and flowers.

On the other side, Moana is wearing her green flower crown and looking over her shoulder.

The lid is cream-colored and it includes an orange translucent straw.

This throw pillow has Moana's silhouette running across it. Coral-pink flowers are in the corner. The stripe pattern features triangles and fish symbols.

There's white fringe around the edge.

The same pattern is used again on a side panel of this tote bag.

The rest of the bag is white canvas, with brown pleather lining the patterned panel.

Pink tassels with brown beads hang from one of the handles.

There's a patch of Moana with pink flowers around her.

The throw blanket features a similar brown and tan pattern with pink accents and white rope fringe.

Moana's silhouette is set against a dark pattern on the front of this wood cover journal. Orange flowers are in the corner and it has an orange elastic strap. It's supposed to look wood burned.

The lined pages feature an image of Moana, Pua, and Hei Hei in the corner. It includes an oar-shaped pen.

Kakamora are on the back cover.

This set includes four embossed ceramic plates, which come wrapped in a white canvas ribbon.

The plates are brown, coral pink, white, and dark green. They otherwise have the same design, with Moana holding an oar silhouetted to one side and a striped border pattern.

This shirt features the same image of Moana with the heart of Te Fiti as the tumbler.

Behind her is a circle of the same pattern seen on other merch. Near the bottom of the image is an embroidered patch of flowers.

"Disney's Polynesian Village Resort" is printed on the back of the shirt.

Stripes of pink, orange, and dark red are across the shoulders.

The sweatshirt is coral pink, with an image of Moana in the front corner.

Subtle flower designs are embroidered on the chest and sleeves.

"Disney's Polynesian Village Resort" is printed on one sleeve.

Finally, this glass tumbler features the wave and triangle pattern in blue around the top.

Pua and Hei Hei's silhouettes are hidden in the pattern. The bottom of the glass is also blue.

Though management pulled most of this merchandise from shelves, the throw blanket, tote bag, shirts, bucket hat, and headband were still available when we left.

Also available is a Moana ear headband and a Moana Dooney & Bourke collection is coming soon.

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