Jul 19, 2023

The 8 Best Duvet Covers of 2023, According to Testing

Snuggle up with the Slumber Cloud Essential Duvet Cover, our best overall pick because of its buttery soft texture and impeccable quality.

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Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

There's nothing quite as luxurious as getting a good night's sleep in a plush, cozy hotel bed that's decked out with the highest quality linens. However, creating the same luxe experience in your own home can be challenging and expensive—especially if the sheets, pillows, and blankets you purchase don't quite live up to your expectations.

"I like to design a bed in layers, starting with a duvet cover," says Caron Woolsey, founder and principal designer at CW Interiors. "The duvet cover is a fabric case that can be made of any number of materials and serves as a layer between the duvet insert and the sleeper. Duvet covers are easier to change out with style changes and significantly easier to wash [than a comforter.]"

Whether you’re redesigning your bedroom decor or you’re switching up your bedding to suit the changing seasons, upgrading your duvet cover can make a huge difference both in terms of comfort and style. That's why we put some of the best duvet covers on the market to the test in our lab in Des Moines, Iowa.

Our team of testers spent an entire day closely examining the quality, construction, and texture of different duvet covers to see which ones are worth purchasing and which you should skip. In addition to checking every square inch of the fabric for snags, pilling, and loose threads, we also tested the duvets by spilling coffee on them, then wiping them up or washing them according to the manufacturer's instructions to see how well the stains came out. Finally, our testers measured the duvet covers before and after washing to see if they shrank, pilled, or faded over time. We then compiled all of the data gathered by our testers to create a final list of the best duvet covers.

Slumber Cloud

It boasts an ultra-soft texture that remains flawless even after machine washing and drying.

It may be too lightweight for winter use.

Protect your comforter from spills while giving your bedroom a luxe upgrade with this lightweight and breathable duvet cover. Not only did it receive a perfect rating in our lab, the Slumber Cloud Essential Duvet Cover was described by our testers as "buttery soft," with a smooth texture that had zero flaws or imperfections. Even after washing, we found that it came out without any snags, pilling, or shrinking that would indicate low quality—meaning it’ll look great in your home for a long time.

Made from 60% cotton and 40% rayon, the duvet cover is heavy enough to keep you warm while remaining breathable enough to prevent you from overheating. Our testers found that it fit snugly with a standard queen-size comforter, so that even when moving around beneath it or folding it over, the duvet cover didn't shift to one side or bulge on one end.

We also discovered that it was incredibly easy to fit the comforter inside the Slumber Cloud duvet cover. It has two corner ties and a secure button closure down one end of the cover, making it nearly effortless to slide a comforter inside. The envelope design allows your duvet cover to fully protect the comforter without any material peeping through.

Our testers noted that this duvet cover is quite lightweight and breathable, which makes it great for use in nearly every season. However, it may not be warm enough for someone who lives in a climate with particularly cold winters.

Price at time of publish: $124

Product Details: Material: Cotton and rayon | Closure: Corner ties and buttons | Dimensions (queen): 91 x 99 inches | Color Options: Six

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The buttons on this duvet cover are sturdy, well-concealed, and easy to undo.

It only comes in two sizes.

Incorporate color and texture into your bedroom design with our chic jacquard duvet cover that passed rigorous testing with flying covers. Just like all of the other duvet covers on this list, we carefully examined every inch of the Better Homes & Gardens Clipped Jacquard Diamond Duvet Cover, looking for flaws or imperfections. Our testers found that the textured fabric was quite durable, with no pilling or loose threads, even after machine washing and drying.

The underside of the cover is soft and smooth, making it comfortable against your skin if you sleep without a top sheet. The top of the duvet cover features diamond-pattern embroidery that's perfect for adding visual interest to your bedroom. Our testers were impressed with the sturdiness of the button closure, which features eight separate buttons on one side of the cover and completely conceals your comforter. Unless you’re closely examining the cover, these buttons are invisible, creating a seamless appearance. Plus, the buttons are extremely sturdy, so they’re unlikely to pop off over time.

When our testers laid underneath the BHG Clipped Jacquard Diamond Duvet cover, rolled around, and folded it in half, they found that it didn't bunch or shift to one side. This means your bed won't look lumpy from a distance or feel lopsided when sleeping beneath it.

We also found that the texture on this duvet cover hid wrinkles more easily than some of the sleek fabrics we tested, so you won't have to constantly steam it to get a polished look. However, this budget-friendly duvet cover only comes in two sizes: full/queen and king. You may find that it fits looser on a full-size duvet, and you won't be able to use it with twin XL or California king comforters.

Price at time of publish: $50

Product Details: Material: Cotton | Closure: Button closure | Dimensions (queen): 90 x 92 inches | Color Options: Four

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock


The soft, smooth texture and lightweight design provide a luxe appearance that our testers found well worth the price tag.

The coffee stain didn't come out completely after machine washing.

If you’re willing to splurge a little for a duvet cover that's sleek and comfortable without being slippery, our testers were highly impressed by the Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Duvet. Made from 100% organic long-staple cotton, this plush duvet cover feels just as cozy as it looks—and it's designed to stay that way for years to come.

In the lab, our testers found that every facet of this cover had a luxe quality to it, from the sturdy button closure to the lightweight, breathable fabric. When laying beneath the duvet cover, we noticed that it had a soft, buttery texture that made it super comfortable without feeling too slippery. After washing, our testers said it shrank slightly—which the manufacturer says is normal—but there were no signs of pilling, discoloration, or loose threads in the duvet cover. This made us confident that it’ll last a long time without showing signs of wear and tear.

The entire thing is reversible, so you won't have to worry about turning it right-side out after washing or dealing with unsightly tags on the fabric. We loved that the button closure is well-concealed, so you won't be able to see any buttons or awkward bunching at the edges of your cover. This provides a seamless, sleek appearance on your bed. Plus, the corner ties allow you to make your bed, toss and turn at night, or fold up the duvet cover without your comforter sliding around inside.

When testing the washability of the Boll & Branch duvet cover, our experts found that stains were tricky to remove from the white material. After spilling coffee on the cover and running it through the washing machine, we noticed that a faint mark remained in the fabric. If you’re worried about spills or stains damaging your duvet cover, we recommend shopping one of the darker colorways to better conceal accidental marks.

Price at time of publish: $328

Product Details: Material: Cotton | Closure: Button closure and corner ties | Dimensions (queen): 92 x 94 inches | Color Options: Six

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock


The durable fabric feels silky and cool to the touch.

Sateen tends to wrinkle easily, so it's not ideal for someone who wants a crisp look.

Described by our testers as "lustrous" and "silky smooth," the Parachute Sateen Duvet Cover possesses one of the highest-quality textures out of any duvet cover we tested. It's made from 100% Egyptian long-staple cotton and double stitched on all sides to prevent fraying for more durability, so it's designed to last for many years to come. Plus, the fabric's sumptuous smoothness feels cozy without being too slippery.

When laying underneath it, testers noted that the Parachute Sateen Duvet Cover is cool to the touch—this is because of cotton sateen's naturally breathable fibers. It allows air to pass through the material more easily than flannel, percale, and other fabrics, making your bedding cool and incredibly soft. Despite only having two corner ties at the bottom of this duvet, we found that the comforter inside didn't slide around or get bunched up, even when testers folded them or rolled around underneath it.

The concealed button closure was well-stitched and durable, so you won't have to worry about buttons popping off when inserting the comforter. After washing, we noticed some minor shrinkage with this duvet cover, but our experts still had no trouble fitting the comforter inside. The coffee stains came out seamlessly with just one wash, so you won't have to panic if you accidentally spill on your duvet cover.

However, the sateen cotton material does tend to wrinkle a lot especially after washing, so you’ll probably need to steam it before putting it back on your bed again. If you prefer a seamless, crisp look to your bedding, we recommend skipping this pick for an option that is less prone to wrinkles.

Price at time of publish: $220

Product Details: Material: Egyptian cotton | Closure: Button closure and corner ties | Dimensions (queen): 90 x 92 inches | Color Options: Five

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock


It comes in 13 different colors to match just about any bedroom decor style.

The button closure isn't concealed, providing a less seamless appearance than other styles we tested.

The best linen duvet covers offer lightweight breathability on humid nights, making them an excellent bed topper for warm weather. We love the Quince European Linen Duvet cover because of its effortless appearance, quality design, and broad range of colorways that complement just about every bedroom.

During testing, our experts raved over this duvet cover's construction and durability. From the moment we unboxed this cover to taking it out of the dryer after its first laundry cycle, we found no shrinkage, loose threads, pilling, or snagged seams anywhere across the fabric. Everything looked and felt just like new after washing, meaning you won't have to worry about this duvet cover decreasing in quality over time.

Made with mid-weight linen, the Quince European Linen Duvet Cover is designed to be used year-round, eliminating the need to switch out your cover with the changing seasons. It's breathable enough to avoid feeling stuffy on humid summer nights, yet it's capable of keeping you cozy when temperatures drop. The material resisted stains well, and all of the coffee spills came right out of the fabric after a single wash, making it easy to keep in good condition for years to come.

When adding the duvet insert, our testers found the cover's corner ties and button closure system to be quite effective at holding the comforter in place without any awkward bunching. They noticed that the dimensions listed on the manufacturer's website were incorrect—the queen-size model was actually 85 x 89 inches instead of 88 x 92 inches—but we had no trouble fitting a queen-size comforter inside.

The clear plastic buttons along the sides of this cover felt a little cheap compared to other duvet covers we tested, but they were very sturdy, easy to use, and laid flat when closed. Our testers also found that the buttons aren't concealed, so you’ll still be able to see them along one side of your bed when closed. If you prefer a sleek, seamless appearance, we recommend shopping one of the other duvet covers on our list.

Price at time of publish: From $100

Product Details: Material: Linen | Closure: Button closure and corner ties | Dimensions (queen): 85 x 89 inches (88 x 92 inches, according to manufacturer) | Color Options: 13

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

L.L. Bean

Its inviting velvety texture makes it great for staying warm on cold nights.

The button closure can be difficult to use.

Keep frigid winter nights at bay with the best flannel duvet covers. Our testers gave the L.L. Bean Ultrasoft Flannel Duvet Cover the highest rating out of all the flannel options we tested in our lab because of its velvety, inviting texture and durable construction. With eight different color options to choose from, this bedding avoids stereotypical plaid patterns so you can stay warm on chilly nights without sacrificing your design style during the day.

When closely examining this duvet cover, we found no flaws or imperfections in the material. Even after washing it multiple times, there was minimal shrinkage, the flannel didn't lose softness, and the rich hues of the fabric remained just as vibrant.

Our testers did, however, find that getting the comforter to fit inside the duvet cover was a bit of a challenge. This is mainly due to the grippy nature of flannel—it clings to the duvet and makes it tricky to get everything evenly distributed—but we also found that the button closure was difficult to work with. There are nine buttons you’ll need to fasten, and our tester found that the button holes were too loose, so it was a struggle to close one end up without the other end popping back open.

Once the L.L. Bean duvet cover was successfully in place, though, we found that the comforter stayed evenly distributed and didn't bunch up on one side or shift awkwardly when tousled. This makes it easier to make the bed or move around in the middle of the night without messing up your bedding. According to our tester, this duvet cover would be a welcome way to cuddle up on rainy or snowy days.

Price at time of publish: From $80

Product Details: Material: Flannel | Closure: Button closure and corner ties | Dimensions (queen): 88 x 96 inches | Color Options: Eight

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock


It has convenient zip closure that effortlessly conceals your duvet.

It doesn't come in solid colors.

Our tester, who typically prefers to splurge for the best duvet covers, was shocked to find out just how budget-friendly the Jellymoni Natural Cotton Striped Duvet Cover Set really was. Despite its more accessible price point, everything about this product felt high-quality to our experts, including the zip closure, the texture after multiple washes, and the handy ribbon ties in each corner. We liked that it features a double zipper, so you can easily open and close the duvet cover without needing to fumble with any buttons or worry about the comforter peeking through.

Upon close examination of the fabric and stitching, we were impressed to see that there were no snags, pilling, or loose threads across the entire surface. Even after multiple washes, it came out looking just as pristine as it had when brand-new, causing one tester to describe it as "the best value and best budget conscious duvet cover" they’d ever tested. Our experts did notice that the duvet cover shrank by about 5 inches in width after the first wash, but they had no trouble fitting a queen-size comforter inside it even after shrinking.

You’ll be able to tie the comforter in place at each corner, which allowed our testers to move around under the duvet and fold it in half without anything shifting around or creating uncomfortable lumps. We also found that none of the stripes bled into each other after multiple washes, so it looked just as sleek as it had when brand new.

Made of 100% cotton, the texture of this duvet cover is comfortable yet very basic—if you’re looking for a luxury hotel-quality experience, you may be disappointed. However, for the price, our testers were pleased with how it felt when running their hand across it or laying beneath it, and its impressive appearance more than made up for the simple texture.

Keep in mind that, while this duvet cover comes in up to 20 different patterns, there are no solid colors to choose from. If your bedroom already features a lot of busy patterns and colors, you may feel limited by the options available for this particular duvet cover.

Price at time of publish: $40

Product Details: Material: Cotton | Closure: Double zip closure | Dimensions (queen): 90 x 90 inches | Color Options: 20

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock


Our testers found that the woven material on this duvet cover grips the comforter inside, preventing it from shifting and becoming uneven.

You’ll likely need to steam it after washing to remove wrinkles.

If you’re looking for a consciously sourced duvet cover with a sleek yet minimalist look and feel, we recommend the Coyuchi Organic Percale Duvet Cover. Our testers described it as classy and expensive-looking with a flawless construction that lasts through multiple washes.

Everything about this duvet cover—including the durable wooden button closure and the rich, earthy hues of the fabric—has a high-end feel to it that our testers loved. Free of snags, loose threads, and fading after two washes, the Coyuchi Organic Percale Duvet Cover is ideal for a minimalistic interior design style. We love the smooth, breathable texture of the fabric, which makes it comfortable even on sticky, humid nights.

Our testers found that the woven material helped the inside of this duvet cover grip the comforter inside, preventing it from shifting around and becoming lumpy over time. This made it quite easy for our testers to make the bed, move around underneath the covers, and fold it up without the comforter shifting unevenly. However, for the same reason, we found it was a little difficult to initially insert the comforter inside the duvet cover—it took several minutes of stuffing and smoothing out the material to get everything evenly distributed.

If material sourcing and sustainability are important to you, you’ll love that this duvet cover meets the Global Organic Textile Standard, meaning it is manufactured using environmentally and socially responsible methods. Plus, your duvet cover will arrive in a reusable cloth bag without any plastic.

Keep in mind that percale tends to wrinkle easily—our testers found that this particular product became quite crinkled after washing and required thorough steaming to get it looking crisp again. Since steaming your duvet cover after every use can become time-consuming, this may be a deal-breaker for some shoppers who want a more effortlessly smooth fabric.

Price at time of publish: From $198

Product Details: Material: Cotton | Closure: Button closure and corner ties | Dimensions (queen): 88 x 92 inches | Color Options: Five

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

After testing more than 30 of the best duvet covers in our lab, we chose the Slumber Cloud Essential Duvet Cover as the best overall because of its flawless construction, buttery-soft texture, and breathable design that is comfortable all year round.

To test the best duvet covers, we assembled a team of experts in our lab in Des Moines, Iowa. As part of our tests, we measured each duvet cover before and after washing to check for shrinkage, carefully examined every inch of the fabric for snags, pilling, or imperfections, and rated them based on their texture, coziness, and breathability.

Our testers also paired the duvet covers with a comforter to see how easy it was to fasten, if it looked too tight or too loose when filled, and to test if the filling shifted or bunched up when in use. We had testers lay beneath the duvet covers to see whether the products were warm, lightweight, breathable, or stuffy. Finally, we spilled coffee on the duvet covers, then ran them through the wash to test how well they resisted stains.

Based on all these insights, we then created a final list of the best duvet covers.

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

When choosing the best duvet covers for your home, consider how you’d like your bed to feel and the seasons you tend to use your duvet cover the most to help narrow your search. Lightweight materials like cotton and linen are perfect for use in warm climates and summer months, since air circulates more freely in these fabrics and will allow you to stay cooler. Flannel duvet covers are great for frigid winter nights, since their plush, velvety material keeps you cozy and helps retain heat.

"The great thing about duvet covers is that you don't have to choose one option and stick with it forever. You can alternate during the year," Woolsey says. "If you are in the market for one year-round duvet cover, keep in mind who all uses the bed. If pets or children are involved, I recommend sticking with cotton duvet covers, these are the easiest to clean and the most sturdy option."

Most duvet covers use a combination of concealed buttons on the outside of the cover to help you easily add and remove the insert and a set of corner ties to hold the comforter in place on the inside. However, other options may use a zipper to open and close the duvet cover. While the difference between these two closure types is mostly up to personal preference, you’ll want to make sure that the opening in your duvet cover is well concealed and durable.

When testing the best duvet covers in our lab, we had our experts closely examine the stitching and buttons near the opening of the cover. We also fastened and unfastened the closure, put the cover through multiple machine washes, and made note of any flaws or imperfections that may cause your duvet cover to close incorrectly.

Since your duvet cover is designed to protect an insert from stains, damage, and wear and tear, you’ll want to make sure its dimensions are large enough to fit your current comforter. We measured every duvet cover we tested before and after washing to see if any shrinking occurred and to test how easily a standard-size comforter could fit inside. In addition to selecting the correct size to match your comforter, we also recommend looking at the duvet cover's listed dimensions on the website to ensure everything will fit together like a glove.

Adding a duvet cover to your bedroom acts not only as a way to protect your comforter from stains or damage, it's also a great way to add color and texture to your space. As you shop, look for hues that will correspond to other elements in your room for a cohesive, stylish look.

"When choosing a duvet cover for a specific room, I like to complement, not overpower, the style of the room," Woolsey says. "I think the duvet cover is a good place to start when choosing bedding, and build around that choice. If the room is bold and bright, I look for a more muted duvet cover whereas there are fantastic bold prints available to be the focal point of a room if the rest of the components are more subdued."

This lightweight duvet cover also earned rave reviews from our testers. They loved how high-quality everything about this product felt, from the sturdy, concealed button closure to the smooth, breathable fabric that got softer with every wash. We found that it wrinkled quite easily, so you’ll need to steam it after washing for a crisp look, but it's well worth the money for anyone who wants a chic striped duvet cover.

The Brooklinen Luxe Duvet Cover is made with a sateen weave and long-staple cotton that delivers a smooth, buttery soft texture with a slight sheen. Our testers felt that its flawless construction and luxe feel made it well-worth the splurge, especially considering how well it held up after multiple washes. However, people with pets or kids may want to opt for a more budget-friendly option, since your duvet cover will likely be exposed to more rigorous wear and tear.

For a tousled, effortless bedding look, we recommend the Anthropologie Relaxed Cotton-Linen Duvet Cover, which earned high marks in our test of the best duvet covers. This lightly textured bedding impressed our testers with its thoughtful construction, which includes sleek, pearlescent button closure, lightly distressed edges, and saturated hues in the fabric. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for use in spring and summer, but you may need to layer additional blankets in wintertime.

Though more limited in size options than other options on our list, we found the Mildly Washed Cotton Reversible Duvet Cover to be surprisingly excellent quality for the price. Its intentional crepe-like texture and lightly worn appearance make it look cozy and modern in any room. Upon inspection, our testers discovered no pilling, snagging, or loose threads in the material even after multiple washes, and we love that it's reversible for greater flexibility.

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

According to Woolsey, the material you choose for your duvet cover depends on three main factors: season, desired texture, and breathability.

"You should take into consideration the other aspects of your bed linens [when choosing the best duvet covers]," Woolsey says. "Do you use the duvet alone or include a top sheet or blanket in between you and the duvet? If you are an active sleeper, slippery fabrics like satin may not stay in place if you are using a duvet alone. For hot sleepers, choosing a cover made of linen can help with air circulation."

Since you may not need the warmth of a thick duvet cover in the heat of summer, the best duvet covers for all-season use are lightweight and breathable to prevent hot air from getting trapped near your body as you sleep. In wintertime, you can simply layer additional blankets for greater insulation. However, you don't necessarily need to keep one duvet cover on your bed all year long.

"One of the benefits of using a duvet cover is that they can be switched out easily, so a soft and cuddly winter cover can be swapped out for a lightweight bamboo cover in the summer," Woolsey says.

We tested more than 30 of the best duvet covers in our lab in Des Moines, Iowa, including top bedding manufacturers like Boll & Branch, Cozy Earth, Parachute, Quince, and more. Depending on your budget, preferred material, and desired thickness, there are plenty of options on the market to choose from. As you shop, one of the most important factors to consider is durability: will the duvet cover stain easily, shrink in the wash, pill and snag, or begin to lose softness over time?

"The stitching of a duvet cover will tell you a lot about the construction of the piece," Woolsey says. "Look for stitching that does not show gaps when you gently tug at the seam. Loose stitching will snag, rip, and tear more easily than firmly stitched covers. Another sign of quality is the little details that make filling the duvet cover easier. Ties, snaps, and zippers help to keep the insert in place will make cleaning the cover a much easier and less daunting task."

When testing, our experts carefully examined every inch of the material both before and after multiple washes to see how the duvet covers looked and felt over time. We then heavily weighed the quality and durability of each item when creating our final list of the best duvet covers.

If you’re using your duvet cover every day without swapping it out in different seasons, it’ll need to be replaced after about five years. However, if you choose to replace your winter linens with a lightweight duvet cover in summertime (and vice versa), your duvet covers may last even longer than that. Woolsey suggests carefully following the manufacturer's instructions when cleaning your duvet cover to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

"Wash the cover once a month as a base recommendation, more often if pets are allowed on the bed," Woolsey says. "In humid climates, consider investing in a dehumidifier to keep excess moisture from the cover and allow the cover to dry completely before reinserting the duvet."

You’ll know it's time to replace your duvet cover when the material is faded or discolored, there are stains that won't budge, and loose threads, pilling, or snagged fabric can be found.

Samantha Jones is an associate commerce editor at Better Homes & Gardens, where she writes and edits content about the best home, kitchen, and garden products worth buying. For this story, she conducted research into what to look for when buying a duvet cover, then compared her findings with testing insights gathered in our lab in Des Moines, Iowa. She also interviewed Caron Woolsey, founder and principal designer of CW Interiors, for her expertise.

Next to all of the products on this list, you may have noticed our BHG Recommends seal of approval. Products that earn the seal have been put through rigorous testing to make sure they're worth a spot in your home. We buy most of the products we test ourselves, but occasionally we are provided samples by companies if buying isn't an option. In these cases, we use the same testing criteria we use to test the purchased products.

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