Apr 28, 2023

Seniors create baby hats, blankets for hospital patients

RALEIGH, N.C. — A group of senior citizens is using their creative talents to help hospital patients.

About 15 people living at the Templeton of Cary, a retirement community, make blankets and baby hats every other week.

They donate what they make to WakeMed, which is across the street.

Members say it is wonderful to know they are making a difference with their hobby.

Avda Bartsch founded the group about three years ago.

"I was a sickly child. Hey, [it] had to give me something to do and that's how I learned how to crochet. And I've just kept doing it," Bartsch said. "We can contribute to the to the community and it's right across the street, which is even nicer. So we know where it's going and the fact that it's appreciated."

The group has received service awards from the hospital for their continued donations.

"Some of the recipients would like to pay us back and we said, 'No, that's that's not what we're here for,'" Bartsch said.