Jul 04, 2023

I Have Anxiety, and This On

Plus, it's quietly on sale right now.

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Real Simple / Pamela Jew

I’ve dealt with anxiety for almost as far back as I can remember, and my feelings can range from experiencing extra nervousness to wading through full-on panic attacks. Needless to say, my symptoms can run quite the gamut. But after years of practice and plenty of time spent learning about myself, I know which tools to use to help to bring a little relief to even the most trying moments—and one item that I’m so happy to have discovered is this weighted blanket that you can scoop up at Amazon.

Whenever I need to divert my attention away from my worries, catching up on a favorite TV show or digging into a great book are two of my tried and true methods to release some of my anxiety. I’ve found that making the experience even more cozy helps, so I almost always curl up underneath a blanket. Even though I’m partial to the blankets I already own, I have long wondered if a weighted blanket might help more than my go-to favorites. So, when Luna asked if they could send me one of their weighted blankets to try for free, I agreed to put the brand's weighted teddy fleece throw blanket to the test.


To buy: $33 with coupon (was $100);

When I was choosing which blanket to order, I was most interested in a throw that I could easily add to my TV watching and reading routines. So, the Luna teddy fleece blanket checked off the most obvious box on my wishlist. The throw is available as a 10-pound 50 by 60-inch blanket or as a 15-pound 60 by 80 inch blanket in up to five colors (I went with the navy). According to the brand's note that they recommend ordering a blanket that's "10 percent of the user's body weight," I should have opted for the larger two–person throw. But the blanket's size and weight felt like too much. So, I went with the smaller, slightly lighter option, and I’ve never questioned my decision.

The blanket features a two-sided design that combines a quilted microfiber and a fluffy teddy fleece. To the average eye, it looks like a typical blanket. And it's even machine washable. But where it differs from anything else that I own is in the interior: It's filled with premium-grade glass beads. According to Luna, the combination of the fabrics and weight should "melt away" stress—and I was eager to see if the blanket lived up to its promises.


To buy: $40 with coupon (was $120);

My blanket actually arrived at the end of last summer when extra warmth is typically the last thing on anyone's mind. But chilly air conditioning and a particularly trying few months had left me hopeful about trying something new that might help me to feel calmer. So, that's how I found myself watching TV underneath a 10-pound fleece blanket at the end of August. I never felt too warm. Instead, for the first time in what felt like ages, I was met with an overwhelming sense of peace. In fact, I felt so calm underneath my weighted blanket that I promptly fell asleep.

If you’re hoping to lessen your stress levels or if you’re searching for a new way to combat your feelings of anxiety and panic, I cannot recommend the Luna weighted fleece blanket more highly. I’ve tested it for months, and I continue to pull it out whenever I need to feel an extra sense of comfort and calm. It helps each and every time, and for that reason alone I’m a forever fan of this soft and cozy find.

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