Jul 29, 2023

12 Best Throw Blankets of 2023

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We’ve added three new picks to this guide: the Aran Merino Aran Patchwork Throw, the Sackcloth & Ashes Blanket (Mountain Tropic), and The Tartan Blanket Co.'s Recycled Wool Blanket.

The humble throw blanket is one of the best relaxation accessories money can buy—and you don't have to spend much. A throw is a treat when you’re having a snooze, and it can also be a beautiful accent piece, setting the style of a room. Over the past four years, we’ve spent more than 100 hours researching dozens and testing 59 of them. Here we recommend 12 of our favorites.

If you’re shopping for a great throw, we think it should be in a style and material you love, whatever your budget. Our picks range in price from about $20 to well over $300, and we really like them all. We have recommendations for a toasty and durable quilt, a cozy fleece for grownups, a cozy fleece for kids, a luxe winter throw, a warm wool lap throw, a throw from a company that donates blankets to homeless shelters, a recycled-wool throw, a super-soft cashmere-wool blend throw, a comfy cotton cable-knit throw, a designer alpaca throw, a beachy woven cotton throw, and a breezy cotton gauze throw. We also have a separate guide to weighted blankets.

Coziness is my specialty. As Wirecutter's resident bedding writer, over the past seven years I’ve written or co-written almost all of our bedding guides—sheets, flannel sheets, comforters, duvet covers, pillows, bed blankets, and many others—as well as our guides to pajamas and robes. I’m also a quilter with more than 15 years of experience. And I’ve even published several original quilt patterns. I know a lot about fabrics, I’m constantly learning more, and I love this work. I may even be on a mission to help everyone make their home a warmer, comfier, more tranquil space through textiles.

For this guide, I drew on the interviews I’d done for our bed blankets guide with Fran Kozen, senior lecturer and director of undergraduate studies for Cornell's Fiber Science and Apparel Design program; Anki Spets, owner and designer of boutique bedding store Area Home in New York City (one of her designs became a pick in this guide); and Sara Hall, innkeeper for The Inn at Kitchen Kettle Village in Amish quilt country.

This fluffy, quilted plush throw is super-warm and can take a beating. And it's a favorite with parents and pet owners.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $119.

The Garnet Hill Plush-Loft Throw is quilted like a comforter, with plush faux fur on one side and cool sateen on the other.

The Garnet Hill Plush-Loft Throw is our winter MVP: It's the warmest throw we recommend, it's one of our most durable picks, and it's been consistently available since we first tested it in 2018. The Plush-Loft Throw has a layer of polyester (thin but dense, to help trap air) sandwiched between a shell of smooth cotton sateen on one side and polyester plush (like a stuffed animal) on the other. It's basically a fluffy quilt, and the sandwiching makes it very thick and toasty. (We also recommend the bed-size versions in our guide to the best blankets.) This throw is perfect for family life—and it's a favorite in my house for its softness and warmth. I own several (including a twin size for our living room), and one of our senior editors uses this throw to cover the rug in her living room where her young daughter plays. "She dragged three sticky lollipops across it," she told us. "So happy I could just throw it in the wash." The Plush-Loft Throw holds up beautifully against heavy use. We’ve tested other, similar plush quilts over the years, but they don't compare to this one. The company provides a one-year warranty for any defects, and it has a return policy of about 90 days.

The Garnet Hill Plush-Loft Throw is one of the heaviest throws we’ve tested, but the weight hasn't stopped my whole family from using and loving it. If you have pets who tend to destroy things, this blanket isn't immune to that. But we’ve tested and owned enough Plush-Loft throws to be able to say they hold up better than most over time. The plush side of this throw is made with polyester, and in the laundry it may shed microplastics, which can pollute our oceans. We have some tips for how to help reduce shedding, but if it's a concern, a natural-fiber throw like the Brooklinen Pure Wool might be a better choice for you. Also, in 2022 the company changed its lifetime-guarantee return policy. It now allows about 90 days for returns, with a one-year warranty against defects.

Listed size: 52 by 70 inchesSize of our test sample out of the package: 56¼ by 73 inchesMaterials: cotton, polyesterColors: eight solid colors

This fluffy throw is warm and inviting, and it's tough enough to last for years. It's our favorite throw under $50 for grownups.

The L.L.Bean Wicked Plush Throw is thick and velvety-soft, yet it's also light as air.

Over the past few years, L.L.Bean's Wicked Plush Throw has become a stealth favorite of Wirecutter's home team. It's our favorite "grownup" throw under $50, and we’ve bought several for ourselves and to give as gifts. The Wicked Plush is a simple, solid rectangle, so it's one of the plainest-looking picks on our list. But it is unbeatably soft, light as air, and warmer than almost any other throw we recommend (only the Garnet Hill Plush-Loft Throw is toastier). It comes in two generous sizes, but if you like to be fully entombed in your blankets, I suggest you get the extra-large size. Even my 10-year-old appreciates the jumbo size when I wrap her up in "the full burrito" on the couch. The colors vary year to year (there are nine as I write this). They’re all muted and less punchy than several other throws we recommend, but there are plenty of neutrals to fit your decor.

The L.L.Bean Wicked Plush Throw is made of polyester, and unlike natural fibers (such as cotton and wool), these fibers may shed microplastics in the laundry. These microplastics can pollute our oceans, but we have some tips for how to help reduce shedding. We’ll continue researching and testing natural-fiber options that are budget-friendly. But unfortunately we haven't found any to recommend that are as affordable or as consistently available as the L.L.Bean throw.

Listed size: 50 by 60 inches (large), 60 by 80 inches (extra-large)Size of our test sample out of the package: 66 by 81 inches (extra-large)Materials: polyesterColors: nine solid colors

A stellar throw for kids and teens, this blanket is durable, comes in scores of prints, and is the best bargain on our list.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $16.

Kohl's The Big One Oversized Supersoft Plush Throw is thin and silky-soft—lightweight enough to drag around the house.

Kohl's The Big One Oversized Supersoft Plush Throw is a delightful (and rare) find—a blanket that's very cheap and actually fantastic. We first tested it in 2019 as a throw for grownups, but it wasn't as handsome as our picks. My daughter (then a first-grader) pulled it from my test pile, enticed by its softness, and over time it became clear that it was a standout for kids. We tested a brand-new one in fall 2021, along with half a dozen other throws for kids, and our kid testers declared the Kohl's throw was the softest. It comes in a staggering number of prints, and they vary throughout the year (there are currently 68, but we’ve seen as many as 162). True to its name, this throw is bigger than most of our other picks, which also makes it a comfy choice for growing teens. It's easy to wash (perfect for college kids and young adults doing their own laundry for the first time). And during one of Kohl's perpetual sales, we paid about $15 for it (I’ve seen it for as low as $8!). It's the best value on our list.

Like the L.L.Bean Wicked Plush Throw, the Kohl's throw is made of synthetic fibers, which may shed microplastics in the laundry that can pollute our oceans. We have tips for how to help reduce shedding. But if you’re concerned about this, we suggest that you get a natural-fiber throw instead.

Listed size: 60 by 72 inchesSize of our test sample out of the package: 62 by 83 inchesMaterials: polyesterColors: choices vary throughout the year

This thick throw is softer than any other 100% wool blanket we’ve tried, and it looks rustic but polished. It comes in neutral colors, so it will complement most any decor.

The Brooklinen Pure Wool Throw is dense, warm, and fuzzy. It's scratchier than our fleece and cotton picks. But our testers who prefer wool said it's softer and smoother than other wool blankets they’ve tried.

Wool blankets can be divisive: Some people find them warmer and softer than any other throws, while others can't tolerate the "scratchy" texture. If you know you like wool, the Brooklinen Pure Wool Throw is the most luxurious we’ve tried. It's made of lambswool, which has a gentle, not-too-scratchy texture, and it's thicker and warmer than any other wool throw we recommend. It's also the most modern-looking wool throw on our list, with a subtle flecked coloring (in gray or beige) that looks gorgeous when the blanket's folded over a couch or chair. One original 2018 tester noted, "If it had no fringe it would be almost perfect." (That was a common theme among our testers, half of whom disliked any fringe, regarding it as a fussy extra.) We looked at several Brooklinen throws in 2018, and all of them were popular with our testers (our Other good throws section provides more detail on those), but the Pure Wool Throw was the star of the bunch.

The Pure Wool Throw is dry-clean-only, and it may not be the best choice for families with kids or with pets who like to chew on blankets. Also, if you just don't know whether you like wool blankets, we recommend going with a cotton or a synthetic fabric instead. This is an expensive blanket to buy without being able to touch it first (though Brooklinen does have a one-year return policy), and most of our long-term testers who haven't owned a wool blanket before weren't completely sold on its softness.

Listed size: 59 by 83 inchesSize of our test sample out of the package: 64½ by 78 inchesMaterials: lambswoolColors: two solid colors

This traditional Irish-made throw comes in more than a dozen colors, and it's the smallest of our picks, so it's ideal if you don't need or want your entire body covered.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $90.

The Aran Merino Aran Patchwork Throw is thick but lightweight, and it feels hand-knit, like something made by a loved one.

The Aran Merino Aran Patchwork Throw is a fisherman's sweater in blanket form. It's made in Ireland of thick, cozy merino wool, and it's available in more than a dozen colors. It's also our smallest throw pick, so it works well as a lap blanket. Our 74-year-old tester told us she prefers lounging in a chair to lying on a couch (it's easier to stand up), and this was her favorite throw in our 2022 testing for its accessibility and warmth. "I can't say enough good things about it," she said, noting that the Aran throw is lighter than a cotton blanket, so it's easier to maneuver if you have limited strength or mobility. She also noted that because this throw isn't slippery, like fleece throws can be, it stays put without sliding to the floor (bending over is difficult for her). She suggested it for wheelchair users (if it's folded in half), for people sitting for hours through medical treatments (like chemotherapy or dialysis), and for anyone who doesn't need or want full-body blanket coverage. I loved using it while working from an armchair on a chilly day; it kept me toasty from the chest down, left my hands free to use my laptop, and oozed coastal-grandmother energy.

This isn't the softest wool throw we’ve tested, especially compared with our other wool picks, which are napped to give them a fuzzy surface. It's also been on a perpetual sale since we first saw it, in 2021. But don't be fooled by the appearance of a discounted price; shipping from Aran Sweater Market is expensive, and it cancels out almost any suggested discount. Even with the shipping, though, this throw is still less expensive than our other all-wool picks from Brooklinen and Garnet Hill. The company offers six-month returns if the tags are still attached, so try it before removing the tags to make sure it's right for you. Returns are more complicated, too, because this is a small company based in Ireland. But the return page says that if you use Aran's courier service, it will provide the customs forms you need. Also, this is a hand-wash-only throw.

Listed size: 42 by 57 inchesSize of our test sample out of the package: 44¾ by 66½ inchesMaterials: woolColors: 16 solid colors

This throw is made from a mix of recycled wool and recycled synthetics. For every throw purchased, the company donates one to a homeless shelter in need.

The Sackcloth & Ashes Throw Blanket feels like a cross between wool and PolarFleece, and it's not scratchy. It would be a perfect camp blanket.

The combination of excellent prints, toasty comfort, the company's donation program, and the use of recycled fibers made us fall in love with the Sackcloth & Ashes Throw Blanket. With each purchase, the company donates a blanket to a homeless shelter (the FAQ/Contact page has more information on exactly what the company donates). And the blankets are fantastic. They’re made of either a recycled-wool blend or a recycled-cotton blend; we bought and tested one of the former, the Mountain Tropic print from the Mountain collection. Our testers described it as "gorgeous" and "exceptionally soft." It has an inside/outside appeal, something you’d snuggle under on the couch or wrap yourself in to step outside your house (or your camping tent) on a brisk morning. It was one of the warmer throws in our 2022 testing, and our testers didn't find it scratchy at all. It's also machine-washable, unlike most pure wool throws we’ve tried, and the company offers free shipping and 30-day returns.

The throw we tested was only about 20% wool (the rest of the fibers are recycled polyester and acrylic). If you want something with more sheep fibers, we suggest the Brooklinen Pure Wool Throw or The Tartan Blanket Co.'s throw, which is made of 70% recycled wool. With the Sackcloth & Ashes Throw, we saw some early signs of pilling after a wash and a few months of semi-regular use, but so far there are no actual pill balls. Its fuzz can be ticklish if you have allergies, and one tester noted, "It is a magnet for lint." We’ll keep testing this one to see how it holds up over time, and we’ll also keep an eye on how easy it is to defuzz, if any pilling appears.

Listed size: 60 by 72 inches, 48 by 38 inches (kid version)Size of our test sample out of the package: 62½ by 73½ inchesMaterials: recycled wool, recycled polyester, and recycled acrylicColors: 50 prints

This Scottish throw is a modern classic. It's made with 70% recycled wool and comes in dozens of patterns.

The Tartan Blanket Co. Recycled Wool Throw is tightly woven, like a wool coat but thinner, with minimal fuzziness.

The Tartan Blanket Co. Recycled Wool Blanket is made of 70% recycled wool, and it's an absolutely classic throw from a family-owned Scottish company with mills in India and Mongolia. "This is a very serious throw," one of our testers told us. "I should be sitting in a leather chair reading a leather volume, with lots of dark wood bookcases behind me." We tested one of the 20 traditional tartans, which do have an old country-house feel. But for a lighter touch, the company also offers the blanket in more-modern checks, plaids, and stripes. It's also available in small and extra-large sizes, as well as in small and large pet sizes (without fringe). It was the warmest wool (or wool-blend) blanket we tested in 2022, perfect for a cold fall day, and it's machine-washable (the company has detailed care instructions for recycled wool). The remaining 30% of each throw is made of other unspecified recycled fibers recovered from old clothes, which can include polyester in the mix (the company says these extra fibers help elongate recovered wool strands that are too short to re-spin on their own). The Tartan Blanket Co. offers free shipping for orders over $99, which would apply to this throw, and 60-day returns for unused items.

One of our testers disliked the feel of this blanket, noting that they found the texture to be too much like felt. It also arrived with a slight musty smell, almost like an antique store, which isn't uncommon for some wool blankets we’ve tried.

Listed size: 57 by 75 inchesSize of our test sample out of the package: 65 by 79½ inchesMaterials: recycled wool, other recycled fibersColors: 20 traditional tartans; 15 modern plaid, checked, and striped patterns

This throw is elegant, super-soft, and thin (but not flimsy). It drapes beautifully and comes in more than a dozen lovely colors.

The Garnet Hill Wool & Cashmere Throw is luxurious, soft, warm, and very light.

The crowd-pleasing Garnet Hill Wool & Cashmere Throw was one of the most popular throws in our original, 2018 testing because of its drape and softness. And, as one tester noted, "it's thin but doesn't feel flimsy." A chic, timeless throw, this one is made of a blend of 95% wool and 5% cashmere, and it feels cozy yet light on the body—almost like a shawl. It was toasty-warm in our original testing, and we love how the thin fabric drapes effortlessly over a sofa or chair. We’ve tried other cashmere-blend throws, but testers consistently preferred the Garnet Hill throw, which also comes in more than a dozen lovely colors and prints. Garnet Hill has a one-year warranty for defects and a return policy of about 90 days.

A former Wirecutter staffer, who has owned a version of this Garnet Hill blanket for several years, said this throw has held up nicely and still feels warm and substantial.

Because it's wool and cashmere, this is a dry-clean-only throw. Some of our testers wished it were longer, for better coverage, though it's similar in length to several other wool throws we’ve recommended over the years. Also, Garnet Hill stopped offering its lifetime guarantee return policy in 2022.

Listed size: 50 by 70 inchesSize of our test sample out of the package: 52½ by 76 inchesMaterials: wool, cashmereColors: eight solid colors, six prints

This cable-knit throw hugs the body more than the woven cotton and wool blankets we recommend. It's breathable for all seasons, and the cotton is soft and smooth.

The Boll & Branch Cable Knit Throw feels smooth, heavy, and warm yet still breathable. It also has a bit of stretch.

The Boll & Branch Cable Knit Throw, made with organic cotton, feels unlike any other knit throw we’ve tried. It wraps around the body like a garment, and it feels cool on the skin (good if you’re prone to overheating). Yet it's also comfortably weighty and just warm enough to use through most seasons of the year. We’ve compared it to several other cotton knits, and it's always our testers’ favorite. I was impressed in our 2018 testing by the flawless knitting and intricate, cable-knit design. And after four years of regularly using this throw, I’m still impressed. It looks almost new, it's never snagged or pulled, and it has survived many attacks from my active dog. It's also been consistently available for years, although the colors change periodically. Boll & Branch offers 30-day returns.

The Boll & Branch throw is one of our heavier picks, since its cotton is weighty. But it's nowhere near as hefty as the Garnet Hill Plush-Loft Throw. Also, because it's so stretchy, it doesn't fold evenly, so it looks awkward when I arrange it over the arm of the couch.

Listed size: 50 by 70 inchesSize of our test sample out of the package: 60½ by 92½ inchesMaterials: cottonColors: three solid colors

This luxurious baby alpaca throw has a more artisanal look and a silkier, more refined texture than other wool and alpaca blankets we tested.

The Area Home Liam Throw is delicate and soft, and when you run your fingers over it, there's a hint of woven texture.

If you’re looking for a throw that's more refined than our other picks , we like Area Home's Liam Throw. It's made of baby alpaca wool, which feels soft and downy (similar to cashmere). But the Liam throw's texture is much silkier, finer, and more delicate than that of any of our other throws. It's whisper-thin and drapes like a shawl, but it's as warm as many thicker wool throws we’ve tried. We love that you can see the subtle weave pattern in the fabric and feel the texture through the soft fuzz of the blanket. It comes in more than a dozen colors and two sizes (we tested the smaller one). Anki Spets (whom I interviewed for our guide to bed blankets) is the owner and designer of the Scandinavian-inspired Area Home boutique in New York City, and she's been selling the Liam throw for years. It looks and feels like a luxury throw from an artisan boutique, and it's priced to match—it's our most expensive pick. We think it's worth it if you want a beautifully designed, high-end home accent.

Our testers noted that this throw felt very thin, and some preferred the fuzzy softness of the Brooklinen Alpaca Baby Blanket (see Other good throws) to the silkier feel of the Liam throw. We liked both, but we think the Liam is more of a splurge-worthy, heirloom blanket. Also, the Liam is a dry-clean-only throw, like several of our other picks, so we don't recommend using it around kids or pets.

Listed sizes: 50 by 70 inches (standard) and 70 by 90 inches (extra-large)Size of our test sample (standard) out of the package: 53½ by 72¼ inchesMaterials: baby alpacaColors: 13 solid colors

This oversize herringbone throw is rugged enough for heavy use but smart-looking enough to leave out in the living room. It's available with fringe or without.

The Faribault Mill Monhegan Cotton Throw is thick, textured, and slightly rug-like. But it's also much softer than it looks.

In our original, 2018 testing, the Faribault Mill Monhegan Cotton Throw had a more distinctive style than any other throw we tried. Formerly known as the Brahms Mount Monhegan throw (the company was sold to Faribault Mill in 2022), it stood out for its eye-catching pattern and sturdy woven texture. The oversize herringbone, ropy fringe, and coastal vibe made this throw look like something the gang from Beverly Hills, 90210 would wrap up in at every beach bonfire. It's currently available in almost 20 colors, and you can get it with fringe or without. Its brushed cotton felt surprisingly smooth in our tests, and the dense weave made it as warm as the wool throws we compared it to, but it was still breathable. It also withstood every wash-and-wear test, just getting better—softer, plumper, more distinguished-looking—the more we abused it. The company offers 60-day returns if you buy one and don't love it.

These throws were originally made in Maine by Brahms Mount, but now that the company's been sold, they’re produced at Faribault Mill in Minnesota. We don't know for sure if there have been any changes to the production that would affect the throw's quality. But since we recommend another Faribault Mill blanket, we don't think so. We’ll be retesting this one for a future update to be sure. Although the Monhegan throw is soft, it's still a big and substantial blanket—it has a heavier, more rigid drape to it than finer throws. If you’re looking for something fuzzy or cozy, this might not be the best choice.

Listed size: 48 by 70 inchesSize of our test sample out of the package: 53¼ by 78 inchesMaterials: cottonColors: 19 colors

This crinkly cotton throw is one of the lightest throw blankets we recommend. It comes in more than a dozen colors and feels cool on the skin.

The Riley Four Layer Throw has a pleasant, crinkly texture. It's airy and cool to lie under on hot days.

The Riley Four Layer Throw is breezy but substantial, making it just right for warmer weather. It's roomy enough for couch naps, and it's cool and pleasant on the skin. Most gauze blankets we’ve tested are made with one or two layers of fabric sandwiched together (our former pick from Hay, which has been discontinued, was a double-layer gauze). But the Riley throw has four layers, so it feels sturdier than others we’ve tried. After a spirited round of tug-of-war with our dog tester, it survived and remained intact (the pupper left a couple of teeth marks, but no actual holes or tears). And after this throw was washed, the fabric was a bit fuzzier yet also bouncier. Our human testers also liked the Riley throw's fringe-free edges, versus fringed gauze throws we’ve tried in the past. We also love the color choices. There are more than a dozen, and several coordinate with other Riley bedding (including the percale sheets, duvet cover, and textured coverlet we recommend), if you want a cohesive or monochromatic look.

Riley had some serious shipping delays and supply issues during the first year or two of the pandemic. We also heard from readers who were struggling with its customer service, but most of those issues were related to Riley's down comforters. Riley has since increased the size of its customer service team, and as of November 2022, we haven't heard of any major service, shipping, or supply issues in months. We’re still keeping an eye on this, though, so let us know if you have a problem.

Listed size: 70 by 50 inchesSize of our test sample out of the package: 78 by 58½ inchesMaterials: cottonColors: 13 solid colors

For our original, 2018 testing, I spent about 25 hours researching high-quality throws. I read user reviews, talked with staff, looked for new brands, and checked the offerings from reliable bedding companies whose products we’ve tested before. After all that, I came up with a list of 83 throws, and then I used the following criteria to narrow down our test list to 29:

How it feels: We wanted to find inviting throws that are a treat to wrap up in. We considered options in all fabrics, including synthetics, if we thought they’d provide that lush experience.

How it looks: We looked for throws that make a visual impact and can fit in a variety of different homes.

Sizes: We sought throws that are generously sized for all body shapes and lengths.

Colors: Wherever possible, we looked for throws that come in many colors and prints.

Care and maintenance: We wanted unfussy, machine-washable blankets, but many wool blankets (including cashmere and alpaca throws) are dry-clean-only, and we still considered them.

Stock and availability: We focused on throws that seem like reliable choices and are available year-round.

In our 2019, 2021, and 2022 testing, I researched a total of 60 additional throws and tested 30, and we broadened our criteria based on reader feedback, diverse needs, and current trends:

Options for everyone: We considered kids throws with a focus on fun colors and prints, durability, and affordability. We’re also considering smaller, lap-size throws for people who use wheelchairs, who lounge sitting up instead of lying down, and who just prefer a smaller blanket.

Sustainability: We are considering more throws made from recycled materials and certified organic materials, even if they’re not available year-round or might sell out more often.

Company ethos: We’re considering more brands that are women- and minority-owned, that donate goods with every purchase, that manufacture their products in the US, and that are Fair Trade–certified or otherwise support people in their communities and among their staff.

For testing, I follow a similar plan for every update to this guide. First I note each blanket's feel, design details, and overall construction, and I measure every throw and compare it against its listed measurements (across the board, throws are more generously sized than their specs state, something I also noticed with our guide to bed blankets). I wash and dry every throw that isn't dry-clean-only or hand-wash-only. Then I measure them again, calculate shrinkage, and note the feel and construction after some wear tests (which include a little tug-of-war with my dog). I snuggle under them to check for warmth, and then I bring the best of the bunch to a small panel of testers who try them and provide feedback. Our test panels since 2018 have included a total of six adults and two kids, ranging in age from 7 to 74. We take their feedback, combined with my test notes, and select our picks.

The best way to take care of your throw is to follow the instructions on the care label. Some wool is washable, but if the care label on a wool, cashmere, or alpaca blanket says the throw should be dry-cleaned only, then running it through the washer and dryer is not worth the risk. Most wools will shrink in warm or hot temperatures. Cotton and linen blankets can tolerate hotter washes than washable wools and synthetics can. That makes them a good choice if they’ll get heavy use from kids and pets, or if they’ll be subject to spills. Synthetics won't shrink much, but hot washes may shorten the fibers’ lifespan. We have more details in our guide on how to clean blankets.

If you’re looking for a company that makes reliably good natural-fiber throws: We’ve liked every Brooklinen throw we’ve tried. The Alpaca Baby Blanket and Cashmere and Lambswool Throw (which has been redesigned since our testing) were softer than the Pure Wool Throw we recommend, but the Pure Wool Throw edged out the others for warmth. Our 2018 testers slightly preferred the wispiness of Area Home's Liam Throw and the color choices of Garnet Hill's Wool & Cashmere Throw. We still think Brooklinen throws are well-made, solid investments. And we know they last: Aside from the many staffers who own the Pure Wool, one of our testers has been using the Cashmere and Lambswool Throw since 2018, and it's holding up beautifully. We’ll be testing Brooklinen's other throws for a future update.

If you want a modern print in cotton, not wool: In our 2022 testing, Happy Habitat's Pattern Throws (formerly called Organic Eco Cotton Throws) and Seek and Swoon's Standard Throws were two of the best printed throws we tried. The fabrics are so similar that we think they may be manufactured at the same mill (or at least using the same process), so either throw is excellent if you find a print you like. These are heavier than the wool-blend Sackcloth & Ashes throws, not quite as warm, and a bit smaller.

If you’d like a British-made wool throw that's easier to get in the US: Room & Board's Clare Throw is made by Abraham Moon, a nearly 200-year-old mill in Yorkshire. It comes in just two colors, but they’re gorgeous (we tested the Cool Multicolor in 2022). And some of our testers preferred the Clare throw's feel to that of The Tartan Blanket Co. throw and the Aran Merino Aran throw. Also, because Room & Board is a larger, US-based company, you don't have to deal with overseas shipping, and returns are easier (the company has a flexible return window).

If you’re seeking a grownup fleece in brighter colors: The Lands’ End's Plush Fleece Throw, now called the Cozy Plush Fleece Throw, is our former fleece pick, and it usually comes in a few brighter colors than the L.L.Bean Wicked Plush. It's in stock only around the holidays, though, and the company sometimes changes the fabric year to year. We’ve tested all the different versions it came in, and it's consistently thinner than the Wicked Plush (and a little smaller), but it's still warm and cozy.

If you don't mind spending extra for a gift-worthy kids throw: The Company Store's Company Kids Plush Character Throw was our kid testers’ favorite in 2021 testing, and the Lands’ End Kids Hooded Fleece Critter Blanket wasn't far behind it. Like a wearable towel, these soft fleece throws have animal hoods and pockets at the corners for hands. They’re less practical as blankets than our much more affordable Kohl's pick (which our two kid testers also agreed was softer). One tester told us these were hard to use as actual blankets because the hoods get in the way, and neither was long enough to cover a fourth-grader's body. They’re also not a perfect bathrobe replacement because they don't close. These are more like warm capes, and our testers loved them for playing around the house. For grandparents or other family members looking for gift ideas, these throws are a fun extra—not an essential blanket. The Company Store throw is softer than the Lands’ End, but it's a little more expensive (though they do have frequent sales). Our testers really only cared about which animals were available, so go with whichever throw features your kiddo's favorite.

The Crate & Barrel Carreno Multicolor Throw looks gorgeous over the arm of a couch. But in our 2022 testing, we thought it felt like we were wrapping up in a rug.

The Faribault Ashby Twill Wool Throw is well designed and washable, but it's rougher than our wool picks, and most testers in 2018 didn't like it.

The Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Fringed Throw was one of the best-looking wool blankets we tested in 2018, but it's not as soft or comfortable to use as our picks.

Riley's Handmade Wool Throw is one of the priciest we’ve tried, and it's enormous. We found it to be heavy, awkward, and not very warm.

In 2018, we tested the Snowe Striped Throw, the Snowe Edge Stripe Throw, and the Snowe Reversible Fringed Throw; they weren't as soft or as comfortable to use as our picks. And we tested the Snowe Checked Throw, which didn't survive any of our wear tests—after a small amount of vigorous use, it shredded like paper.

The Company Store's Company Plush Throw was almost as soft and almost as warm as the L.L.Bean Wicked Plush. But after a wash it felt a little less velvety, and it costs twice as much.

The Mermaker Cookie Blanket is ridiculous and delightful: It's a giant fleece circle that looks like a chocolate chip cookie. But the fabric looks and feels cheaper than that of our picks, and the round shape makes the throw awkward to use and fold.

L.L.Bean's Cozy Sherpa Wearable Throw is fluffy and warm. But like the children's wearable throws we tried, it's too small to be a great blanket or an effective robe. Plus, in testing, it picked up every single stray speck of dust and dirt.

We looked at the Lands’ End Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket, but it isn't always available, and it was too heavy compared with our picks.

Pottery Barn's Faux Fur Alpaca Throw is faux fur on one side (much like the Garnet Hill Plush-Loft) and fleece on the other, but the two sides are stitched together only around the edges (they’re not quilted). It was awkward, floppy, and didn't keep its shape in our 2018 tests.

Under the Canopy's Chunky Knit Organic Throw comes in lovely colors, and it performed well in our 2022 testing, but it wasn't quite as comfy as the Boll & Branch Cable Knit Throw.

Similarly, we liked the Authenticity 50 Heritage Throw, but it's like a thinner version of the Monhegan throw we’ve recommended for years, and it's not as reliably available.

Coyuchi's Cirrus Supersoft Organic Cotton Throw really divided our testers in 2022 testing. Some loved its varsity-sweater vibes; others found its look unappealing and couldn't picture it in a home.

In 2018 our testers preferred Garnet Hill's Wool & Cashmere Throw to the company's Brushed-Cotton Throw, which wasn't quite as soft (and it was also about 3½ inches shorter).

The Surya Troy Smooth Stripe Throw, from Hayneedle, had a pleasant design and cost less than most of the blankets we tested. But it looked a little like an area rug, and it wasn't very soft.

Sferra's Celine Throw shrank more than any other throw we tested in 2018, and it felt rigid and rough after a wash.

We also tested the Burke Decor Vivi Knitted Throw, the Slowdown Studio Van Etten Throw, The Company Store's Emmett Throw, and the Hay Crinkle Throw (a former pick). All of these have since been discontinued.

The Company Store's Linen Fringed Throw was a former pick, but it's now discontinued.

We tried a Levtex Home Quilted Throw in our 2021 testing and liked the wide range of prints. But they’re hard to search for, designs change often, and one of our testers—a lifelong quilter—thought our test throw felt cheap and looked poorly made.

We tested the L.L.Bean Ultraplush Down Throw and Ultraplush PrimaLoft Throw in 2018. Though they were similar to the Garnet Hill Plush-Loft, they’re now discontinued. Also, they weren't as fluffy and soft, and the quilted sateen was rougher.

This article was edited by Daniela Gorny and Christine Ryan.

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