Aug 19, 2023

15 Best Sex Blankets For Clean Intimacy

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As they say—the wetter, the better.

Nothing kills the mood quite like dealing with that dreaded wet spot on your sheets after having sex. Suddenly, you and your partner go from stripping clothes to stripping the bed. There is a way to avoid that annoyance, though. Enter: sex blankets.

With any kind of sex, you are likely going to get fluids everywhere. But sweat, lube, and ejaculation can also do damage to your sheets (or wherever else you might be having sex) if you don't clean it up right away.

Sex blankets let you get as messy as you want during sex without worrying about the clean-up afterward.

A sex blanket is basically what you think it is—a blanket to have sex on. They come in a variety of styles and sizes. Typically, blankets sold as sex-specific are waterproof and protect your mattress/couch/floor/countertop from getting any fluids on them while or after you have sex.

The really nice ones also provide an extra cushion or padding during use. "A sex blanket can help make us more comfortable, and reduce any stress about being judged, making a mess, or messing up something nice," says Jenn Gunsaullus, PhD, a sociologist and sex coach who runs the blog Dr. Jenn's Den: Sexuality Outside The Box.

Sex blankets are not exactly necessary for a quality sexual experience, but they are nice to have if you find clean-up after sex a bit annoying.

Gunsaullus also says that sex blankets can be particularly helpful for women. "I like to think of it in terms of relax and release," she says. "The more comfortable our environment is, the less things we’re worried about [and] the easier it is to relax and release into pleasure."

If you buy the right one for you, sex blankets can totally heighten satisfaction during sex. They’re especially great to have when having sex on your period, because, you know—the mess. They allow you to experiment with the kinds of sexual encounters you have, says Gunsaullus. For example, if you’re used to always having sex on a bed, using a sex blanket can allow you to try out new places—such as a couch, a chair, or even a bean bag—without worrying about the mess later on.

TL;DR, they're great if you like getting experimental, or if you just want an easy clean-up when you're done.

As it goes with sex, you should look for a sex blanket that works for you. If you experience heavy vaginal ejaculation, a waterproof blanket is extremely helpful to reduce any mess. Size is also an important feature to consider. A lot of sex blankets don't cover the entirety of a bed, so if you’re looking to cover a lot of surface area, waterproof sheets might be a better option.

Okay, so having a specified blanket for sex seems a little stiff in theory, but, according to Gunsaullus, it can actually add to the intimacy over time. "You're almost making a nest for yourself," she explains. "[Using a sex blanket is] a ritualized aspect of laying the groundwork for a comfortable and cozy sexual encounter."

Plus, even if you do have to pause the hot and heavy mood to get out the sex blanket, it's probably worth it. "It can be really nice to have something that gets us out of our heads and [allows us to be] present in our bodies, not worrying and just relaxing." Gunsaullus adds.

If you’re interested in trying it out (or looking for an upgrade), see below for the best sex blankets you can buy right now.

Though this is the priciest option on this list, this sex blanket is also probably the most luxurious. Made with microvelvet (isn't there something about velvet that screams sexy?), the Liberator blanket is comfy, soft, and waterproof. It does take a while to dry out after a wash, but other than that reviewers love this blanket.

This blanket from Catalonia is super thin and almost feels like one of those lightweight throws that are used for decor and thrown on the foot of a bed. Available in three neutral colors, use it as a daily throw, so you never have to get ready because you technically always are.

Literally as soft as sheep's fur, this option is great for couples who like to stay cozy while getting it on. Its sherpa lining keeps you warm, but still makes for quick and easy clean-up after, since you can throw it in the wash without worrying that it'll lose its softness.

Looking for something that feels more like a traditional sheet? Opt for this blanket. You can make your bed with it, but it also carries many of the same properties other sex blankets do—it's waterproof, soft, and crinkly noise-free.

If you want to avoid crinkly noises or a blanket so slippery you find yourself constantly sliding off it, this is the best option for you. The long-fiber fleece blanket has a soft velvety feel, is silent, and will protect any surface from wetness or moisture.

If you can safely have sex outdoors—maybe in a tent while camping—this sex blanket can handle the elements. It's extremely waterproof (like, super duper) and absorbent, but it feels like a fleece blanket so you can stay cozy no matter what surface you're on.

Easily reversible between a purple side and a blue one, this blanket is easy to clean and dries quickly. While it doesn't cover the entire bed, reviewers love that it doesn't make any crinkly noise. This option doesn't have a ton of padding, so it's probably best to use on a soft surface.

Looking to cover more surface area? Opt for this king-sized sex blanket. One reviewer compared this option to a "fancy tarp," since it's large, protects your bed, and you can spot clean it (or throw it in the wash) when it gets dirty.

If you're looking for something cheap affordable, look no further than this under-$20 option. The blanket is technically a small mattress pad, but because it's waterproof it'll do the trick and protect your sheets from stains.

Super easy to clean, this microfiber throw is lightweight and easy to throw in the wash once you're done having fun, compared to other heavier blankets you might have to hand wash. It's designed with an inner moisture barrier that keeps your bedding spotless no matter how messy what's going on up top gets.

This isn't exactly a sex blanket. It's more like a flat sheet for your bed, but it is waterproof. Grab this one when you want your bed to look pretty, while still avoiding the mess. The sheet is designed with a silky feel that will give your bed a fancier feel.

Perfect for travel, this sex blanket is small and very easy to transport, but offers the same heavy lifting some larger sex blankets do. It'll keep your bed drier than using a towel can, say some reviewers.

There's no rule that says you have to buy something labeled a "sex blanket." You can also grab another functional item, like this fun, printed picnic blanket. It's waterproof, so trust it'll keep things mess-free.

Want to spice things up with a little leather? This sex blanket is made from it. It's large and can safely be used with lubricating oils. So, you don't need to worry that the liquids will leave stains behind. To clean it, you can simply rinse or wipe it with water.

This option is *technically* a camping blanket, but it's warm, waterproof, and lightweight. The sherpa lining makes it great for colder nights. A budget-friendly option, it can also be easily rolled up, fastened, and comes with its own little handle for quick and easy storage.

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