Sep 25, 2023

19 Best Blankets in 2022

The best blankets to help you layer up and rest

Leon Hedgepeth


October 24, 2022

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Over the summer, the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece about a generational divide between Gen X and Baby Boomers using top sheets, with millennials and Gen Z choosing not too. It's a frivolous debate, but I'm here to entertain it. I don't use a top sheet—a fitted sheet and duvet are all I need for some solid shuteye. Our elders believe that sleeping with a top sheet is more hygienic and the traditional way to sleep. We young guns think it's more resourceful to skip it, and if you clean your duvet cover regularly it's just as clean. (You are remembering to launder that, right?) But I'm here to propose a soft, seasonal solution—a chic cozy blanket is an answer that allows us to meet in the middle.

Since it's chilly at night, an added layer is always a good option. Throw on a blanket over your duvet or place it under to sub out for the top sheet. I know it sounds contradictory but sleeping with a blanket allows for flexibility—it's not as big of a commitment to tuck it under your duvet as a top sheet. But then again, blankets are not just for bedrooms. They come in handy when curling up on the couch and relaxing with some great music or snuggling with your significant other. Plus, they look sharp when slung over the back of a chair or sofa while adding some much-needed warmth and texture to a room. We've pulled together nearly two dozen options that are luxe yet practical. From high-end cashmere to rugged Polartec fleece, the choice is yours. Well, that and your decision about "blanket or no blanket" while sleeping.


Luxe knit cashmere throw, $139.90 by Quince

Oversized rib knit throw, $99 by Parachute

Buffalo check pure wool blanket, $195 by Woolrich

Felted blanket, $48 by Puebco

Cashmere blanket, $665 by Tekla

Mid-weight terry stadium blanket, $100 by Reigning Champ

Polar fleece blanket, $69.95 by L.L. Bean


Cascade organic matelassé blanket, $248 by Coyuchi

Tan checkered throw, $130 by Sundream

Alcove blanket, $90 by Ash & Fir

Siempre alpaca blanket, $399 by CB2

Yakima camp blanket, $169 by Pendleton

Jacquard Sado throw, $245 by 2222STUDIO

Woven cotton throw, $79 by Burrow


Cable-knit cotton blanket, $795 by Ghiaia Cashmere

USA-made wool blanket, $225 by Ibex

Wool-mohair knitted blanket, $540 by Acne Studios

Calm blanket, $185 by Ferm Living

Two-toned lambswool throw, $189 by Brooklinen



According to Dreams, this is the record for the longest period without sleep, which was set by a California student named Randy Gardner in 1964. Don't be like Randy and get your recommended sleep.

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