Nov 26, 2023

Best blanket hoodie UK 2023: Oversized hooded designs, from Oodie to Silentnight

Electric blankets are having somewhat of a renaissance for being far more energy-efficient than an electric heater or central heating – now, you can even invest in wearable versions. Costing around £40, we were lured in by OHS's electric hoodie and its concept turned out to be more appealing then we anticipated. Essentially an electric blanket with sleeves, a hood and pocket, it boasts three heat settings with pads lining your front, back and shoulders. We’ll admit we were hesitant at first (would the three-way artificial heat feel claustrophobic?), but the resulting warmth is the perfect tonic for cold days.

It works simply by pressing the power button on the front pocket, which also allows you to customise your heat preference. Our only gripe is that the blanket doesn't come with a powerbank, but if you have a rechargeable bank to hand, this isn't a problem. When you’re not using it as an electric blanket, it still provides ample warmth as an oversized hoodie.

Best: Size range: Colour options: £28.99