Aug 05, 2023

Good Housekeeping's 2023 Best Bedding Awards

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Our experts reviewed hundreds of products and spent hours evaluating tester notes to find you the best sleep products.

Buying the right bedding can make all the difference in how well you sleep, but with all the mattresses, pillows, sheets and other products out there, knowing what is actually worth buying can be confusing to say the least. That's where we come in.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab extensively evaluated sleep gear using lab equipment and feedback from more than 500 consumer testers. These winners — from best-in-class basics to problem-solving innovations — will help you drift blissfully off to dreamland.

Our fiber scientists, engineers and home-product experts spent six months evaluating hundreds of sleep items to find the best bedding in every category — from mattresses, toppers, sheets and pillows to comforters, blankets, bed frames, pajamas and more. Each product was vetted by Lab analysts and testers to get a comprehensive view of how it performs. We considered attributes that are most important when it comes to shopping for bedding — like quality, innovation, convenience, value, style and sustainability — on top of analyzing data related to comfort, support, durability, ease of use, temperature regulation and more.

With a luxurious and resilient feel, this Saatva model is filled mainly with layers of durable steel coils. Ordering online is easy—simply choose from three firmness levels and two heights—and the brand offers free delivery with in-home setup and old-mattress removal upon request.

LAB RESULTS: Whenever we survey mattress owners, this one earns high scores across the board. One tester raved, "I could spend the whole day lying in this bed!"

Ideal for side sleepers and back-pain sufferers, this all-foam pick from Nolah contours to your body so there's less pressure on your shoulders and hips. It has a medium firmness and ships compressed in a box.

LAB RESULTS: Our reviewers found it easy to set up and swore that it eased discomfort. One told us, "It offers back support while still cradling pressure points." Testers also said it felt cool for foam.

Bear's hybrid model combines foam with coils and has zoned sections for ergonomic support. It's 14 inches high, which is tall for a boxed bed, and comes in soft, medium, and firm options, with medium being the most popular.

LAB RESULTS: A tester favorite, this mattress earned praise for encouraging uninterrupted sleep. One person called it a "miracle mattress," while another said she’d slept through her alarm.

Perfect for couples with different preferences and sleepers who toss and turn, this Helix pick has a true medium feel, making it suitable for most sleep positions and preferences. It's a boxed hybrid made of foam and coils.

LAB RESULTS: Users said they felt supported regardless of whether they were on their backs, sides, or stomachs. Couples gave it top marks, and one tester said, "It feels plush, but there's enough bounce."

This Amerisleep hybrid is your best bet if you want softness without having to sacrifice support. With several layers of foam over coils, it doesn't sink too much. Despite its 14-inch height, it ships compressed.

LAB RESULTS: Testers described the feel as "cloudlike," and one noted, "It's truly the softest bed I’ve ever slept on." They also gave it high ratings for support and overall satisfaction.

Foam tends to overheat, but this hybrid option from Serta uses technology that pulls heat away from your body. It's available in medium and plush, and you can choose free shipping or full-service setup for a fee.

LAB RESULTS: Scoring it high for comfort, temperature regulation and support, testers swore it led to improved sleep quality. "I haven't woken up with night sweats since using it," said one.

Not only does Sleep Number let you choose your perfect firmness level on each side of the bed, but it also has built-in sleep tracking and sensors that react to your movements so you can stay comfortable all night.

LAB RESULTS: We found it a worthy investment because of its quality construction and easy-to-use features. A tester noted, "I was impressed with how it learned and reacted to my body."

Made of a coil base with organic materials (like GOLS-certified latex and GOTS-certified cotton and wool), Silk & Snow's mattress is sustainable and supportive. It has a medium-firm feel and ships for DIY setup.

LAB RESULTS: Our pros found the price reasonable for an organic bed, and testers were thoroughly impressed with the quality. One said, "It has made two picky mattress testers happy!"

Saatva's 3-inch foam topper can transform the feel of your bed without your having to buy an entirely new mattress. It comes with bands that strap it onto your mattress to prevent shifting.

LAB RESULTS: The pressure relief was a hit with our testers. One said, "I love how I can sink into it" and added, "It doesn't budge."

Add a layer of cushioning memory foam with Nolah's 2-inch topper. Available in two firmness levels, it gives your bed a boost and cradles pressure points, making it especially great for side sleepers.

LAB RESULTS: Testers appreciated the just-right height, with one noting, "It feels more premium compared to a thinner topper, but it wasn't too thick."

With an impressive six-layer design, Avocado's unparalleled topper is both high-quality and certified organic. It's only 3 inches tall so it's not too high, yet it combines alpaca wool, sheep wool, cotton, and latex for a plush feel.

LAB RESULTS: A tester called it "perfect" and noted that instead of sinking in as with most mattress toppers, she felt like she was floating on a cloud.

This innovative layer from Woolroom has a unique fill of temperature-regulating wool and microcoils. It feels plush yet surprisingly substantial, and straps keep it in place on the bed.

LAB RESULTS: Reviewers felt the cooling effects and were amazed by the comfort. "It softened our mattress just enough to provide significant relief," noted one.

Made entirely of GOTS-certified organic cotton (including the inside fill), Coyuchi's pad is light yet quilted for a plush surface. It has deep pockets to fit even tall mattresses.

LAB RESULTS "It is beautifully made and has great weight to it," raved a tester. It also earned perfect scores for being comfortable and quiet.

If you want a cool, comfortable cover that won't drastically change the feel of your mattress, this pad from Sijo is fluffy yet discreet. It has a waterproof inner layer to block liquid spills.

LAB RESULTS: Testers said this was simple to use, felt soft, and helped keep them at a comfy temperature. One added, "It's quiet, light, and easy to clean!"

Despite being discreet under sheets, Slumber Cloud's fiberfill pad creates a remarkable upgrade. Its advanced fill regulates body temperature to prevent you from feeling too hot or cold.

LAB RESULTS: Testers unanimously gave it perfect scores for overall satisfaction and highlighted the softness and cooling feel. "I definitely have slept better ever since I started using it," raved one.

This cover from keeps your mattress safe from spills and other accidents. Its surface has a waterproof finish, while the sides are stretchy for a secure fit on your bed.

LAB RESULTS: Our analysts and testers were amazed by how quiet it was, especially compared with others. One summed up her experience by saying it "fit perfectly, was very comfortable under sheets, and made no noise."

Home Depot's dual-chamber design uses feathers in the core with down in the outer layer. It gives you a soft feel on the surface yet adds extra support.

LAB RESULTS: It kept its shape well in our tests and fit nicely inside a pillowcase. Testers agreed, with one noting, "It felt plush and looked beautiful on a made bed."

Proving that faux down doesn't need to feel cheap, Sobel Westex's polyester fill is surprisingly plush and sturdy, and it comes with a luxurious cotton cover.

LAB RESULTS: It got high marks in Lab and at-home tests, and a tester called it "the first pillow I’ve used that has been supportive without causing neck strain."

This solid foam from Tuft & Needle has a unique squishy feel that contours to the shape of your head. It's able to keep you supported in most positions.

LAB RESULTS: Testers unanimously gave it perfect scores for comfort, and one described it as "a great balance of soft and firm." It was durable and bounced back to shape in our Lab's evaluations.

Sijo's pillow combines the bouncy feel of Talalay latex with a cover made from soft, moisture-wicking Tencel lyocell and a thin layer of temperature-regulating fibers.

LAB RESULTS: Our reviewers loved how it never sagged, with one noting, "It retained its shape after extended use." They said it felt cooler and more substantial than other pillows they’d used.

With phase-change technology in its lining, this down-alternative pillow from Slumber Cloud stores and releases body heat to keep you at a comfortable temperature. It's offered in two firmness levels.

LAB RESULTS: We found that it lived up to its cooling claims, with users offering comments like, "It's so icy to lie on, and I don't feel hot when using it." It also washed well in Lab tests and didn't lose its shape after we applied pressure.

Three removable layers let you create your ideal height in Sleep Number's adjustable pillow. Each is filled with memory foam pieces and down-alternative fibers for both softness and pressure relief.

LAB RESULTS: With perfect scores for support and shape retention, it was admired by testers for offering easy customization. One called it "Goldilocks — just right" and added, "It's the best pillow I’ve ever slept on."

This two-sided pillow from Amerisleep is soft on one side yet firm on the other, making it versatile for all sleep positions. It's filled with ventilated foam and comes in two heights to match your body frame.

LAB RESULTS: Our reviewers consistently reported improved sleep after switching to this pillow; one exclaimed, "I slept through the night without tossing and turning. It truly is superb!" They were also surprised by how much they enjoyed both sides.

Not just for pregnancy, Bearaby's long pillow offers ergonomic support for side sleeping and lounging. It has a latex core and comes with a cotton cover, plus it's designed to offer the soothing feel of a hug to help you relax.

LAB RESULTS: Users found it soft and supportive and said it was easy to mold into different positions. One noted, "It maintains its shape even when you’re hugging it."

This go-to set from Brooklinen offers smooth cotton sateen fabric, long and short side labels for easy bed-making, and a yearlong return policy. It comes in solid colors and various prints.

LAB RESULTS: Consistently scoring well in both Lab and consumer tests, it's been a favorite for years thanks to its standout value. A recent tester described it as "soft and smooth but not too silky."

Crane & Canopy's premium percale set is crisp and airy yet soft and elegant thanks to its long-staple cotton that makes the fabric durable and smooth. You can even monogram it for an added cost.

LAB RESULTS: Its quality construction wowed our textile experts, and it earned high marks from sleep testers for its comfort. One described it as "simple yet luxurious" and said it reminded her of being in a hotel.

Combining the crispness of organic cotton with the smooth feel of Tencel lyocell, Tuck's unique fabric is both soft and sturdy. It has a matte look and is perfect for anyone who can't decide between percale and sateen weaves.

LAB RESULTS: It washed well and was pill-resistant in our tests. Even better, it earned perfect comfort ratings from users. Several called the set "soft" and "comfortable to sleep on."

Affordable and unbelievably smooth, this popular pick from Mellanni is made with brushed polyester fabric. There are 15 sizes (even deep-pocket) and dozens of colors offered.

LAB RESULTS: In our blind comparison test, reviewers rated it softer than dozens of other sets. One said, "My body felt like it was gliding over them." In Lab tests, the fabric was shrink- and pill-resistant.

It's hard to find any cotton sheet set for under $100, let alone one that performs as well as California Design Den's. Made of 100% cotton sateen, it comes in more than 30 colors and prints.

LAB RESULTS: Our pros couldn't believe how well it performed for its price. It didn't pill, and testers rated it higher than pricier styles. One referred to it as "very well-made and substantial."

This timeless set from Boll & Branch uses GOTS-certified organic cotton in a sateen weave. Its 17-inch-deep fitted sheet is ideal for taller mattresses and toppers.

LAB RESULTS: Our reviewers appreciated how thick the fabric felt yet were amazed by how cool it remained. One summarized these as "crisp, soft, and breathable." Users were also impressed by how the fitted sheet stayed put on their beds.

Performance sheets are typically made of synthetic fibers, but this Somé set is unique because it offers temperature regulation in cotton fabric. It's ideal for hot sleepers and even feels cool to the touch.

LAB RESULTS: Testers slept cooler on it than on other sets. One reviewer with hot flashes told us, "I didn't feel so damp that I needed to change the sheets, which is a great improvement."

Saphyr's fabric has a relaxed texture and a breathable weave. It's prewashed to achieve a softer feel than typical linen sets, and it gets softer each time you wash it at home.

LAB RESULTS: The comfort and the beautiful appearance stood out most to testers. One who usually slept on cotton sheets said, "I was surprised by how much I liked these. It was nice to switch it up." Plus, it washed well in Lab tests.

Combining the look of linen with an exceptionally soft feel, Tuft & Needle's hemp set is breathable yet cozy. Hemp also stands out as a sustainable fiber since it doesn't require much water to grow.

LAB RESULTS: It aced our fabric strength test and earned high scores from our reviewers for comfort, softness, temperature regulation, and overall satisfaction. One said they "were softer than I had expected and felt cool all night."

With a price that's less than that of most four-piece sets, Quince's seven-piece bundle includes a duvet and shams. Its fabric is organic cotton in a smooth sateen weave.

LAB RESULTS: All testers gave it perfect scores across the board, and couples said the generous sizing prevented them from fighting over the top sheet and cover. "We woke up feeling more rested," noted one tester. The material also proved durable in Lab tests.

Buffy creates exceptional softness with a smooth lyocell outer cover and lofty down alternative. Its fill is GRS-certified (validated as having been recycled), and it's machine-washable and dryer-safe.

LAB RESULTS: It's a favorite of several GH experts, who say it's perfect for year-round use. One user raved, "I’ve never slept under such a fluffy comforter!"

Made with RDS-certified down inside a smooth cotton cover, this style from The Company Store is luxuriously cozy. It comes in three warmth levels and five colors.

LAB RESULTS: Our pros highlighted the quality construction, and test­ers said its fill didn't shed or shift. "It's soft and fluffy and spread across my bed well," noted one.

With a lofty microfiber fill, this Crane & Canopy comforter remains fluffy while offering good insulation. It comes in three warmth levels and has a smooth cotton outer cover.

LAB RESULTS: Testers appreciated how the fill stayed evenly dispersed, noting that it didn't shift, clump, or poke through the cover. They also called it cozy, and one said, "It felt very fancy and luxurious."

Instead of down or down alternative, Gingerlily's all-season comforter is filled with silk, a temperature-regulating fiber. It's perfect for couples and varying climates.

LAB RESULTS: Our reviewers loved how balanced it kept them. One exclaimed, "I didn't overheat, and my husband didn't freeze." It showed quality construction in our technical evaluations.

A breakthrough for hot sleepers, Rest Duvet's cover actually feels cold to the touch. Its silky-smooth performance fabric also helps wick away sweat.

LAB RESULTS: It amazed testers with its cooling capabilities. One said, "It provided much-needed relief," and another gushed, "I no longer wake up drenched in sweat!"

Designed to be used without a duvet cover and a top sheet, Night Lark has cozy microfiber on the bottom with a textured design on top. Even better, its down-alternative fill feels as soft as the outer fabric does.

LAB RESULTS: The comforter washed well and dried quickly, and testers described it as "pretty" and "beautiful." They also liked that it kept them warm despite being lightweight. One said, "I love everything about it!"

Rewardown's innovative fill is a blend of recycled down and kapok (a cotton-like fiber that's extra fluffy) with an outer cover made from recycled synthetics. Choose from all-season and winter weights.

LAB RESULTS: Users loved how lightweight yet warm it felt to lie under. They gave it perfect scores for comfort and offered comments like "It is so soft and dreamy" and "It reminds me of a hotel."

The Company Store optimizes Tencel lyocell, a supersoft fiber that's sustainably made, in both the fill (blended with recycled polyester) and the outer cover (blended with cotton).

LAB RESULTS: Our pros gave it top marks during our construction evaluations, and reviewers were equally impressed during at-home tests. One said, "I wish I had used it sooner in my life. It is a pleasure to sleep under."

For a decorative look or an extra covering option, Boll & Branch's organic cotton blanket uses a textured, breathable weave. Unlike with a throw blanket, you buy this based on your bed size. It comes in nine neutral colors.

LAB RESULTS: Testers gave it perfect scores for appearance. One said, "I liked that it was not too heavy and was the right size for my bed." Plus, it washed well without showing signs of wear.

Produced from U.S.-grown cotton that's spun and woven entirely in the U.S., this timeless style from Authenticity50 is built to last. Its herringbone fabric has a medium weight and looks great on beds and sofas alike.

LAB RESULTS: "This is amazing. So comfortable, so soft and super-warm," raved a tester. Users loved how it fit their beds and said it could be used by itself as a cover on warmer nights.

With a velvety texture on top and a cozy sherpa fabric underneath, this polyester microfiber blanket is versatile for the bedroom, the living room, and beyond. It comes in four sizes and 26 colors.

LAB RESULTS: Despite its low cost, testers said it felt luxurious. They gave it perfect scores for softness and comfort, and they appreciated that it was lightweight yet warm. One user said, "I swear I woke up happier because of the coziness of this blanket."

This chic coverlet from Linoto is made of a soft linen fabric with a cotton fill. It's created to order, letting you add more fill (wool or extra cotton) or choose unique colors and sizes. Use it alone or on top of your comforter.

LAB RESULTS: It impressed our analysts, home editors, and consumer testers, who all found the quality first-rate. One described it as "the perfect blend of texture and softness."

Lightly filled with temperature-balancing fibers, Slumber Cloud's quilted blanket is perfect for hot sleepers or couples with different preferences. Its polyester outer fabric has a subtle texture and comes in three neutral colors.

LAB RESULTS: Our reviewers liked that it wasn't too bulky, saying it felt lightweight but not too thin. One noted, "It kept us just the right temperature, and we didn't need to use any other blankets."

Weighted blankets help you relax, and Luna Blanket's has a soft cotton cover with dense glass beads for even distribution. It comes in six weights; aim for one that's roughly 10% of your body weight.

LAB RESULTS: It was effective in consumer tests, with one user saying, "I fell asleep more quickly and slept more deeply." Our experts liked that it was machine-washable and less costly than others.

Silk & Snow's chunky knit blanket, which comes in eight colors, is heavy but decorative. It's 100% cotton, so it gets its weight from fabric instead of a beaded fill. You can choose from five weights.

LAB RESULTS: Besides feeling comforting, it was a hit with testers for its material and appearance. "I love that it looks like a nice throw blanket when not being used," said one.

With the look of a textured throw but the feel of a weighted blanket, this Brooklinen cover is 12 pounds for a calming benefit without too much pressure. It has a cotton cover with a dense glass-bead fill.

LAB RESULTS: Testers unanimously praised the even distribution and loved the cotton cover, saying it felt better than other weighted blankets they’d tried. One added, "I loved napping with it—it kept me calm."

This Pottery Barn duvet cover has a luxurious yet relaxed appearance and is soft, cool, and easy to use. It comes in more than 25 colors and is made in a Fair Trade Certified factory.

LAB RESULTS: With perfect scores from testers for comfort and staying in place, it earned praise such as "I loved the soft feel and breathability." It laundered well and felt softer after each wash.

Bedsure's coordinating set includes a duvet cover with matching shams. With geometric embroidery on polyester fabric, it comes in 18 colors.

LAB RESULTS: The zipper closure was easy to use and stayed discreet in our evaluations. Attaching an insert was easy, and one user mentioned, "I like that it was a neutral design yet more stylish than a solid color."

This Zinus bed frame ships quickly for DIY assembly. It is made of wood and includes slats (so you don't need a box spring) and an upholstered headboard.

LAB RESULTS: It was sturdy in our review, and testers were amazed by how easy it was to set up. One added, "I love that it provided space underneath for storage."

The ultimate upgrade for your bedroom, Tempur-Pedic's base offers features like targeted massage areas, a built-in sound bar, adjustable lumbar support to match your sleep position, and plenty more.

LAB RESULTS: Analysts appreciated the innovation and customization, specifically saying it was ideal for those interested in sleep tech. One noted, "The massage is impressive and isn't loud like other bases."

A worthy investment thanks to unique features that aid with mobility, the Dawn House base is like having an upscale hospital bed in your home. Its height is fully adjustable, and there's an optional support rail.

LAB RESULTS: Our engineers said it was like no other base they’d seen, and testers were surprised by how it much offered. "Being able to raise and lower the bed to get in and out is a game changer," noted one.

Brooklinen's silk pillowcase and silk eye mask feel soothing while preventing bedhead and skin creases as you sleep. The bundle lets you mix and match colors.

LAB RESULTS: The pillowcase outperformed others in our Lab tests; our pros noted that it felt substantial and washed well. A tester of the mask said, "It was comfortable to wear all night."

Available in three sizes and 15 colors, LILYSILK's pillowcase is both versatile and more affordable than other silk cases. It has an envelope closure to keep the pillow tucked inside.

LAB RESULTS: Users liked how it felt smooth and cool all night, with one noting, "It helped improve my sleep!" It also looked great after laundering and didn't crease easily with use.

Made of crisp cotton poplin, this pajama set from Printfresh comes in chic designs and a range of inclusive sizes, including tall, petite, and plus sizes up to 6X.

LAB RESULTS: Testers said they were comfortable and breathable with a relaxed fit. Their favorite aspect was the print; consumer reviewers called it "cute," "stylish," and "simply gorgeous."

Turn your sofa into a comfortable sleeping space for guests with this set from Burrow. Designed to fit over three seat cushions, it includes a memory foam topper, a sheet set, a blanket, a pillow, and an eye mask. The pieces roll up together for easy storage.

LAB RESULTS: It reduced the feeling of sleeping on separate cushions, and one tester raved, "It makes a couch feel way more like a bed." While it's designed for Burrow sofas, we found that it worked well on other brands too.

Lexie Sachs (she/her) is the executive director of the Textiles, Paper and Apparel Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, where she researches, tests and reports on fabric-based products ranging from sheets, mattresses and towels to bras, fitness apparel and other clothing. She also evaluates luggage, rain gear, disposable paper goods and baby products. Lexie has more than 15 years of experience in the textiles industry and a degree in fiber science from Cornell University. Prior to joining GH in 2013, she worked in merchandising and product development in the fashion and home industries.

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