May 08, 2023

Incubator covers needed for Hillabrand NICU

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TOLEDO, Ohio — The Hillabrand NICU at ProMedica Russell J. Ebeid Children's Hospital is asking the community to donate covers for NICU incubators that help reduce noise, lights and visual stimulation that help mimic the womb.

Workers are requesting quilted or cotton covers in purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, red or white. Patterns are welcome but must have one of those colors as the base color. Measurements must be 50 inches by 38 inches.

Joe Meyer, a registered nurse working in the Hillabrand NICU, said sight is the last sense to develop in babies.

"We like to try and have them look at their family's faces and get to know their mom and dad, " Meyer said, "But up until term we don't really need them to be exposed to bright and direct lights."

Meyer said the covers also decrease over-stimulation, helping in brain development.

"As kids get older and they grow, we can cycle the lights. We can start teaching the brain what time of day is day and night to help them be on that sleep schedule when they go home," Meyer said.

The NICU starts light-cycling when premature babies are around 32 weeks, eight weeks ahead of full term.

Meyer said the NICU has a lot of receiving blankets with footprint patterns that workers can use, but prefers using the handmade covers, referring to them as "cute linen."

"We appreciate the quilts and patterns and unique ways that people can make these blankets. The families really love them," Meyer said.

You can drop off your donations at ProMedica Toledo Hospital's front desk at Entrance B at 1 ProMedica Parkway.