Nov 15, 2023

SkateBIRD 'Skate Heaven' update live, official plush revealed

Flock to this update!

Two bits of news for SkateBIRD fans today, and we’ll kick things off with a new, free update that's available to download right now.

Today's patch features Skate Heaven, a new level with a bunch of new quests and fun little closer for the game. Certainly one of the more varied levels in terms of terrain types, it's the perfect play park for SkateBIRD fans everywhere.

Along with that comes a selfie stick mode! This has been added for the handful of people doing photography in-game, since now it’ll let them put the camera at the angle they want for a trick and it’ll (mostly) just stay there while keeping up with them. It's a similar tool to the drop cam, just for different shots.

Finally, outside of digital updates is the reveal of an official SkateBIRD plush. Pre-orders for this item open up on June 15th, 2023, so you’ve got a little time before you can flock to a purchase. We don't have pricing details just yet, but we do know the plush is made of Polypropylene Cotton and Plush Fabric (Ultra Soft Fleece). You can take a closer look at the upcoming plush campaign here.