Apr 04, 2023

Special baby shower brings smiles, supplies, gifts to military families celebrating new babies on the way

SAN CLEMENTE (KABC) -- Military moms-to-be are being showered with love and gifts including baby blankets, strollers and diapers. A special baby shower brings smiles to these military families... celebrating their latest little members on the way.

"These families are really struggling right now and we love that we can do this baby shower every year for them," said Becky Mauger, San Clemente Military Family Outreach.

The annual baby shower for Camp Pendleton families is near and dear to Becky Mauger's heart. Her own mother received donations when she was born, while Mauger's father served in World War II. On a mission to pay it forward, Mauger helped organize volunteers in her senior community, Reata Glen, to collect baby items.

The result? More than 500 items, and 800 dollars in Target gift cards went to nearly 50 expectant mothers. The event was a drive-in shower at St. Andrew's by the Sea United Methodist Church in San Clemente.

"They'll come in, they'll be met by volunteers who will take them around to the various stations. So in addition to the layettes they'll be getting a big gift like a stroller or a car seat or a high chair, and then a whole lot of other things... diapers bags and things like that," said Judy Franz.

This isn't the only way the nonprofit helps families serving our nation.

"Cars that break, down tires that they might need. We also pay for dental bills for the family members they are not covered through the military," said Mauger.

"They live paycheck to paycheck and we're trying to help them through those tough times," said Franz. "Like the baby shower too. They're away from home, they're not having baby showers with their families. We try to in some small way take the place of that and make sure they're ready to bring their babies home," said Franz.