Nov 13, 2023

The Best Sex Blankets in 2023, Tested by Sex Experts

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Doing the dirty with these 15 options will prevent an unwanted mess.

WHEN IT comes to finding the right sex toys and furniture for getting it on, it's easy to overlook the best sex blankets. But a bunch of sex educators we talked to said that these waterproof coverings can help you do the freaky, without making a mess.

"Sex blankets provide a barrier against fluids like lube and natural secretions," says Megan Harrison, a licensed marriage and family therapist. The latter, she's referring to are squirting, ejaculation, fecal stains that can happen during sex (after all, they don't call it doing the dirty for nothing). "Since they minimize mess, sex blankets help simplify post-coital cleanup." That means, you won't have to worry about stains on your bedding or furniture. To help you find the best sex blankets to buy now, we consulted with Harrison, along with seven other sex experts, along with tips on how to use them.

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"Sex blankets are great to be used when you don't want to have to change your bedding," says Javay Frye-Nekrasova, Lovehoney's resident sex educator. "So if there's a chance of things getting messy, be it from lube, water sports, squirting, or cum, it is a great thing to have to make for easy clean up."

If you're in the mood, or planning on hooking up that day, the best sex blankets are easy to throw over your mattress or couch ahead of your intimate encounter. For extra convenience, make sure to keep it in your sex toy storage so you'll always have it on hand.

Easy clean-up: "By using a sex blanket, you protect your bedding and furniture from potential stains, odors, or damage caused by bodily fluids," says Harrison. This extra layer means you don't have to wash your bed sheets as often.

"Additionally, it's worth buying a sex blanket if you like anal sex or period sex, which often involved post-clean-up," says sexologist Rebecca Alvarez, co-founder Bloomi.

Comfort: Beyond hygiene, sex blankets can also make your intimate encounters more comfortable. "Sex blankets are typically made from soft and durable materials that feel nice against naked skin," Harrison says. "Plus, their waterproof fabrics help prevent slipping, so you can focus entirely on pleasure."

Pleasure: Speaking of pleasure, Alvarez says that a sex blanket can actually make hooking up even more enjoyable. "Once being used a few times, displaying a sex blanket can trigger your brain to associate with sex and prompt arousal," she says.

Convenience: They're also convenient. Most sex blankets our experts recommend are lightweight, easy to clean, and machine washable. Plus, they're portable, so you can take them on romantic getaways, or if you're planning to have sex outdoors.

Waterproof: The best sex blankets should be waterproof, so moisture doesn't leak through your sheets. In general polyster and latex fabrics provide maximum moisture protection. Most blankets work two ways: either by absorbing the liquids like a towel, or having them pool at the surface, to prevent them from seeping to your bedding or furniture.

Quality: According to Rebecca Alvarez, Co-founder Bloomi, "quality sex blankets have multiple layers, so make sure to look for well-constructed stitching."

Size: Think about the surface area you'll be playing in. Most sex blankets we've recommended are specifically made for beds, and come in a variety of mattress sizes. If you're looking for blankets to put over your couch or other furniture, make sure the dimensions of the blankets are big enough to cover your needs.

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Almost all of the experts we spoke to recommended Liberator's Fascinator Throw. Its polyester fabric is soft and waterproof to make sexy time comfortable and easy to clean up.

"I love it because it's discreet, waterproof, and machine washable and the cover is a soft micro velvet that feels luxurious against your naked skin," says Dr. Heather England, a licensed Clinical Psychotherapist. Plus, its sleek black finish looks great on any furniture.

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This top-rated sex blanket on Amazon lives up to its name, according to reviewers. "The blanket is waterproof so no need to worry about bodily fluids staining the sheet," says Sharon Sanders, a clinical sexologist and writer for Philadelphia Weekly. "It's very soft on the skin, and it does not make a sound even when scratched or scrubbed together."

Plus, reviewers found that it's easy to clean in the washing machine, and dries on low tumble easily.

If you're looking to hook up outdoors, this outdoor blanket is your best bet. "While not exclusively marketed as a sex blanket, this option boasts remarkable waterproof and windproof properties," says Adina Mahalli, a certified mental health expert and family therapist for Maple Holistics. "Its durability, machine-washability, and cozy fleece lining make it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor escapades."

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When it comes to comfort, Softan's waterproof blanket reigns supreme. Sex therapist Aliyah Moore says this is the best sex blanket she's tried, and loves its plush top layer that's as cozy as a Snuggy, and has a waterproof membrane to keep spills at bay. She noted that its comfortable surface made intimate moments even more sensual. Plus she's taken this on her romantic getaways, thanks to its portable and lightweight design.

"It's a sex blanket that truly meets the needs and desires of couples and individuals," she says.

Blue Zoca's blanket packs three layers in it, and testers found that it did the best job in preventing stains from seeping onto their furniture. One tester even said it has become her go-to "squirt blanket." Its folded hem adds for extra durability, plus, the blanket kept is shape after multiple washes, though it can take awhile to dry, given its multiple layers.

"During my own experiences, I found found it to be a game changer," says Moore.

Our experts say that Sheets of San Francisco is a reliable brand for fluid-proof blankets that happen to feel luxurious. This polyester option is a go-to blanket for Harrison, who says it looks as great as it feels.

"It looks more like you are having sex in bed versus on a blanket and it is fitted, so it won't move around, or bunch up, so it limits liquids from getting through the barrier and provides more protection for your mattress," she says.

Wellness enthusiast Ryan Hetrick says this fleece blanket is a great choice for guys who want a stain-fighting blanket that's also comfortable. Its sherpa backing help keeps you warm before foreplay. Plus, it's hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for those who have allergies, and the plush fabric won't irritate your skin. "The blanket is also machine washable, so you can keep it clean without any fuss," says Hetrick, CEO of Epiphany Wellness.

If you need a throw that you can put over your couch or smaller furniture, this one's your guy. "It's cozy, waterproof, and looks just like any decorative throw blanket," Dr. England says. "So you could keep it out and no one would know what it's for."

Pet blankets might not be the sexiest option, but this one gets the job done. It has a three-layer design that helps absorb lube and fluids, and its sherpa exterior adds for a level of comfort. Reddit users say this is one of the best waterproof throws worth buying on the low, given its price point.

This waterproof cover is specifically made for sexy time, and customers note that it does a great job at preventing liquids and stains from seeping through. One thing to note, it doesn't absorb liquid like a towel, instead puddling at the surface, so make sure to clean up immediately after sex.

Throws of Passions is another maker of top-notch sex blankets, according to experts that we talked to. Amazon customers say that this waterproof throw is fully absorbent on both sides, and easily soaks up stains. Plus you can use it inside, or outside, making it extra versatile.

The Headrick Blanket is a great option to put over your bed sheet set, since it has a discreet gray color that looks like any regular throw. But unlike most throws, this one is waterproof to soak up those hot-and-heavy stains, and is machine washable, making for an easy cleanup.

Yes, this is technically marketed as a picnic blanket, but testers note that it's also great for outdoor hookups, thanks to its waterproof canvass that can soak up any type of juice, edible or otheriwse. Plus, it comes with a carry sack so you can take it for all your intimate adventures.

One of our favorite outerwear brands, Rain also makes a packable, outdoor-friendly blanket that doubles as a sex-friendly throw. Its polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating makes it extra water and stain-proof. Plus its sharp, minimalist design is discreet and purpose built for all sorts of play.

Originally made for bed wetting, Peapod Mats have received top-marks from Reddit users as a sex-friendly mattress protector, thanks to its absorbent fabric that can hold up to 6 cups of liquid. Plus its velcro straps help keep the blanket in place, in case your hook up gets hot and heavy.

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For this story, we consulted with eight sex experts, who have over 50 years of combined experience testing sex toys. They evaluated their favorite sex blankets based on their waterproofing abilities, comfort, and how well they worked in different settings (on a mattress, couch, outdoors, etc.). We also considered blankets that had more than 100 five-star ratings on Amazon and Walmart, and we took a deep dive through Reddit's sex blanket recommendations to find the best ones worth buying now.

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