Jun 24, 2023

This Ginormous Blanket Is Bigger Than a King

Finding a cozy blanket that can turn me into a human burrito is tough for a 6-foot-2-inch tall woman like myself. So many times, when I get a standard-sized blanket, I’m left choosing between whether or not I want my lower or upper half covered. And, even when a blanket claims to be made, "longer than average", my toes are still left out in the cold for the imaginary monsters under my bed to catch. So, when I was sent the Original Stretch™ Blanket ($159) from Big Blanket Co., I was curious to see if it would be successful in transforming me into a true human burrito.

From the moment I opened the box I knew that this blanket would deliver on its BIG (size) promises. The throw is a sizable 10'-by-10' square of heavenly plushness you'll want to crawl under the moment you open it. If you're bad at math, that's a whopping 100-square-feet of material—larger than your standard king-sized comforter or duvet. At 11 pounds in weight, it's not technically a weighted blanket but it certainly has some heft to it making it a bit of a mini upper-body workout to lift the large throw out of its carrying case.

Available in six core colors and four limited-edition hues.

Currently, the Original Stretch Blanket comes in six colors under the brand's "favorites" category (polka dots, light grey, fuschia, royal, camel, and teal) and four limited-edition hues, including a retro-y orange half-moon pattern and a bright flamingo pink. The brand switches up its colors regularly, though. (I snagged a moody gray Smoke that's not available on the site anymore.) To appropriately assess the true size of this blanket, I literally threw it onto my bed, slid underneath, wrapped one side under me, then the other side, before folding the bottom under my legs. And I must say, I was a burrito. A fuzzy, gray burrito, but still a burrito nonetheless.

This blanket snuggled all 6-foot-2-inches of me in coziness with plenty of room to spare. The fabric is so soft and a touch velvety on the side stitched without the brand's "B" logo patch. Since it's made with a 4-way stretch polyester, it's particularly snuggly and buttery–the brand dubs it, "the yoga pants of blankets." At 100-square-feet, it really is roomy, giving plenty of space for taller people like myself, and more. And if you're worried about its weight, don't be; The pressure of the 11 pounds is definitely felt, but less in a weighted-blanket type of way and more like a soft embrace.


What's arguably the best part, though, is the fact that it fits in your standard-sized washing machine. Seriously—just as long as you don't throw anything else in with it, it can be tossed into your washing machine at home. That means when you inevitably spill something on it or it gets drooled on during your nap (it happens), there's no toting it to the laundromat or dry cleaner. Talk about a game-changer.

It's safe to say that this big ol' blanket has become a staple for snuggling on my couch, in my bed, and everywhere else I can fit underneath it. Do yourself a favor and get one too from Big Blanket Co. or Amazon—there's other materials to shop if the poly-blend isn't your thing. Now, if you excuse me, I'll be living out my tall-girl, blanket-burrito dreams under this tremendous throw...

This plush blanket that's as luxurious as it looks. It's the same, ginormous size as the original, only made in a microfiber that's softer than bunny ears. It's pet-friendly, too, and its texture does wonders for hiding dirt, drool, and dog hair.

Available colors: 9

Looking for the perfect throw blanket for movie nights? Toss the Premium Woven blanket on your couch. The cozy knit is an elegant upgrade from the fleece and comes in a handful of stunning geometrics patterns that make it a statement piece.

Available colors: 7

Or, splurge on this textured beauty that’ll have you snuggling in style. Its chunky, parallelogram pattern looks gorgeous draped over the foot of your bed or over your favorite chair. And it's bound to keep you warm without getting stuffy or hot.

Available colors: 4

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