Sep 12, 2023

What is the Fear of Blankets Called?

Here's a random fact. Have you ever heard the word Lodiculaphobia? It's the fear of blankets. Yes, that's a real word. And, yes, apparently that's a real thing. This story isn't about that at all. It's about the complete opposite of that.

It's about people who hoard ridiculous amounts of blankets. Here they are: Exhibit B with Exhibit A.

Exhibit A is Kyle Foster, an Owensboro, Kentucky native, who now lives in Marco Island, Florida.

If we were sitting in a circle right now, Kyle would likely stand up from her folding chair and announce to the crowd, "Hello. My name is Kyle. And I am addicted to blankets."

I have known Kyle for decades but, until recently, didn't realize that we share this same, bizarre trait/affliction. Kyle shared this on social media a few days ago. It instantly caught my eye and made me twitch.

Like Kyle, I relate to that, which is precisely why I am Exhibit B. I can't tell you how many blankets I have packed home after Dirty Santa parties at Christmas. I will literally cut a relative for a blanket if I think it's soft enough to cuddle on the couch with. And, speaking of my couch, there are four different blankets on it and two more under the coffee table.

Kyle is right there with me. Earlier this week, she and I chatted about her blanket collection. Despite the fact that she lives in Florida, Kyle is hoarding blankets like she's about to star in an episode of Naked and Afraid in Antarctica.

Kyle, because acceptance is the first step in recovery, admits that she has blankets in "Every room except the bathrooms and the kitchen." That said, she also confesses that she has been known to "walk into the kitchen with a blanket wrapped around her waist."

My former radio cohost, Angel Welsh, used to do that in our studio. She had a blanket she wore as a skirt. She called it her "blirt." Kyle has rather quickly adopted that nickname.

Kyle's living room is FULL of blankets and throws. There are five total. She has a UK blanket (of course, she's a UK grad), two crocheted blankets from her grandmother and great grandmother and she has a blanket that's shaped like a mermaid's tail.

Kyle also sleeps with a weighted blanket.

In addition to sleeping with the weighted blanket, Kyle also sleeps with "the most comfy blanket ever made" that a good friend of hers gifted her after Kyle's dad passed away last year. And if you thought those blankets in the bedroom were enough, your head must be burrowed under a blanket. Kyle says there are "always at least two to four more blankets" in her bedroom.

And, here's the thing. If you were to visit Kyle on Marco Island, there'd be enough blankets for you too. Her guest room is full of them. Kyle says, "Oh boy! There are two on the bed, three under the nightstand and multiple in the chest by the door."

So, if there's ever a nuclear holocaust, a winter storm of the century or a zombie apocalypse, every survivalist in the North America will be killing "walkers" to get to Kyle's house first. She's got the supplies to get you through your first winter.