Aug 23, 2023

Amazon is selling a £16 dupe of the popular £84 Oodie hooded blanket which shoppers absolutely love

Though popular, an Oodie costing £84 is unrealistic for a lot of people

As the weather turns, households are searching for ways to ‘heat the human not the home’, a term coined by Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert . One of those ways is layering up, but an Oodie takes that idea to the extreme - it's essentially a fluffy blanket turned into a hoodie.

The idea has been taken off with hundreds of dupes now available on Dunelm , Debenhams and B&Q , all for less than £20. At full price, the Oodie costs £84 so that's quite a deal.

But there's one Oodie dupe in particular which has been attracting attention, and it can be found on Amazon. The Sienna Hoodie Blanket costs £16.99, and it's Amazon's best seller.

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The unisex Sienna Hoodie Blanket describes itself as an "ultra soft sherpa fleece, a warm cosy comfy oversized wearable hooded sweatshirt". It comes in charcoal grey, black, blush pink, navy blue and silver grey, as well as burgundy, natural and sea blue, all of which are out of stock.

It's a one size fits all, and can be washed at 30C in the washing machine. It's even big enough to snuggle up and pull below your knees.

The hooded blanket has more than 18,500 five star reviews, and thousands of positive comments. One said: "With the run up to the new energy price increase everyone is talking about heating the human not the house so I thought that looks nice and warm. I work from home. Last year I sat with a blanket on me. This year I'm going to be wearing one."

Another said: "It's a lovely oversized fleece, great value for money, not as thick as a dearer make but still soft and nice feel. I would recommend."

A third said: "For the price you can't complain at all. It's great. So much cheaper than the branded version but cosy, warm and perfect for winter with the cost of living crisis. The material isn't as thick as an oodie but it's still great, and is on par with a standard dressing gown material."

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