Sep 27, 2023

B&M shoppers praise fleece blanket that helps keep pets warm during the winter

One shopper has taken to Facebook to share some bargain fleece throws that they spotted.

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With the weather continuing to get that bit chillier, we all might think of alternative ways for everyone to remain warm - even the pets, as they count as family.

While it is certainly easy for us humans to grab an extra layer or blanket for some added warmth, it is not so simple for our four-legged furry friends who are also at risk of feeling the cold.

Which is exactly why one shopper has taken to Facebook to share some bargain fleece throws that they spotted on a trip to the popular budget retailer, B&M.

As we begin to brace ourselves for the cold snap to officially hit, pet charities have reminded owners to watch out for their animals and make sure they remain warm.

The Simply Everyday Polar Fleece Throw's are currently priced at just £3 for one individual throw, while also available as part of a special 2 for £5 multi-buy offer.

Available green, grey, pink and blue shades, the throw is the perfect added layer for your pets to cosy up with for that bit extra heat during the colder months.

Sharing a snap of the cosy looking blankets to the B&M Bargains, Extreme Money-Saving Deals and More group on Facebook, one shopper asked for others advice on the idea of buying the blanket for dogs.

They wrote: "I was walking around B&M, looking for inspiration ready for when I start Christmas shopping and found these... I think they might be ideal for doggy Christmas boxes I've started doing for a dog charity... I thought they were quite a good bargain, what do you all think?"

Quite a few shoppers were quick to agree that it was a good way for keeping pets warmer during the colder snap, especially as heating bills have soared during the cost of living crisis.

"With people worried about putting the heating on these are fabulous !! Get a few of these and keep warm ! and yes great for the doggies too", praised one shopper.

"That would be brilliant", agreed a second.

"What a great idea it's so nice of you to do that", raved a third.

"I bought the exact same ones today for my doggie xx", commented a fourth.

"Need these for my dachshund as he loves snuggle blankets", replied a fifth.

B&M's Everyday Polar Fleece Throw is available in-stores now. Stock may vary depending on your local store's availability.

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